Get to Know the Actor that Plays Denny

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Alex may not wish to read a recent article in The Seattle Times. It profiles the actor behind Denny, a man waiting for a heart transplant that has captured the interest of Izzie.

Sandy Thomas, from Kirkland, has been a fan since the show hit the airways. She now has a very good reason to continue to turn in every night at 10 p.m.: her favorite actor, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, has a recurring role. Of course, Morgan also happens to be Thomas' son.

The Man Behind Denny

In addition to the Grey's Anatomy role, her son has a recurring part in another television show, Supernatural.

Morgan is a local. He went to Ben Franklin Elementary School, Rose Hill Junior High and was a 1984 graduate of Lake Washington High School.

"He didn't grow up wanting to be an actor," Thomas said. "He wanted to be a basketball star."

Instead, he went into acting and has a long list of television and movie credits. The surest sign of success in his chosen field?

"I haven't had to send him a check in years," Thomas said.

Tune in to this week's new episode to see if Izzie falls harder and harder for Thomas' talented son.

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i love denny!! you are so hot for an oloder male!! i just wish i could have the pleasure of meating you some day. i missed you so much on the show.. then it was like BAM!! in your face.. denny is back. i was so happy your character came back. even though it was for a short time.. America loved it!! i really hope to see you again. just in a better and not so sad way!! thank you so much for being a wonderful actor!! i can only imnagine you in real life.. Jeffery Dean Morgan.. you are RAD!! i love you mucho!!
~*~ jordie!*~*


Please bring back Denny! I am in love with this actor!!




I can't understand why Denny had to go. I only got into the show when Issy and Denny fell for eachother. Can't believe the sexiest man was taken off the show. Really really really disappointed with the last episode. Really was a mistake doing this!! Maybe now that he wont be able to marry Issy, I'll have him instead


i hate izzie!
she was the reason of DENNY's dead!
i hate here


I agree with all the above! I was soooo in love with Denny!:) If I had to choose between him and Brad Pitt I would choose Denny without a doubt!


Is it just me or does the Denny character look a lot like Robert Downey Jr.? For the entire time he was on the show I thought it was Downey...but not quite. It was only recently that I read in a magazine who the real actor was. They look like brothers for me.


i much rather like izzie and alex togetherr! even if denny was really nice and stuff! i just think that izzie and alex are meant to be together! alex is much hotter too!


I loved Denny too! Could his "twin" show up??


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