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Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest IX

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And the winner is... After reviewing the week's responses, it was a tough call once again. But our staff determined that Amy wins top honor. Nice efforts all around, though. We particularly liked the submissions by JD and E.M., too. It's always fun to go through the full list each week. We appreciate your participation! Tell your friends, so we can get even more replies and start giving out prizes.

This week's Caption Contest image:

A Trio of Interns

Check out the most recent Caption Contest and show us what you've got. Thanks again for playing and for all you do in making us the resource on the web for all things Grey's Anatomy!

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    Christina, "What! You want to cut my hair?"
    Meredith. " You are NOT going to quit and become a hair stylist"


    George: "So? What do you think?"
    Mer: "About what?"
    George: "My hair! Callie cut it."
    Christina:"Did she wash her hands first?"


    George:Yea, callie and I slept together last night. She um, she cied too.
    Mer: Oh George, I'm sorry.
    Christina: I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing with you.
    George: Its not funny.
    Mer: At least she didnt fall asleep....


    Christina: Did you see Alex today?
    George: That was hilarious when he tripped in the hall and knocked over Addison!!
    Meredith: why are you guys laughing at that? you're just as bad as him
    Christina: What's your problem? are you sleeping with him too?


    Cristina: No way... REALLY?!?! She lives in the basement? HAHAHAHA
    George: Yeah, hehehehe... with a bunch of prosthetic limbs, no joke!
    Mer: SERIOUSLY?!?! Wonder if she washes those hands? HAHAHAHAHA


    "Which one of you ladies needed me to examine you?"


    George: Now that I've slept with Merideth, and seen you about you give me a shot???
    Christina: Seriously!!!(then laughs in his face)
    Merideth: You DON'T want to go there!(laughing)


    george: hey have you seen that show grey's anatomy? its pretty funny. meredith: how mcstupid. a show about doctors. george: i know that's what i thought!


    "Man, those Caption Contests on are hilarious!"