Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest XII

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It's that time again. The time we know and love. Fourth of July weekend. Warm weather, fireworks, cookouts... can't be beat. Oh, and it's also time for the Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest. We almost forgot. Not really.

This week's winner, for the image below, is Rachel. We got a lot of good replies but hers took the cake by a slim margin. Other caption that deserve honorable mentions came from Emma, Flaca and April -- but everyone is a winner here at the Insider. We are grateful for every response we get, and appreciate how fun you make this weekly contest.

Scroll down for the full list of responses to this Caption Contest image:

Caption Contest, Part 12

Thanks again for playing, and be sure to check out this week's contest!

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Karev: "I'm really sorry chief, I never intended to..."
Webber: "I'm a sink with an open drain Karev"


Webber: "Who do you reckon he'll stay with in the end?"
Karev: "Don't know chief, the passion between them burns still very passionately to this day, but addie IS after all his wife, it's a toughie.. and besides, she's hot!"
Webber: "I'm torn.."


Karev: So, What do I do now McChiefy?


chief: NO i will not have sex with you in the supply closet.........maybe in the on call room later


C: if you dont keep it in your pants there going to start calling you Dr.Siff.
K: is that considered workmans comp, if I caught it in the on call room?


Chief: "Did you seriously just ask me for a week off to wrestle with your old college team? Are you planning to give me the shiny new trophy? Get back to work. And don't ask me again."


Chief: In this top-secret folder I have step by step directions to the two-step, the electric slide, and the macarena. I'll show you all who's boss ON and OFF the dance floor!! Alex: If I had a date to this stupid prom, I'd own the dance floor. Everyone knows I am reigning king of the Tush Push!


Chief, I need you to bring Izzy back. She did something she believed in for love. Don't tell me you've never made that mistake! Damn it, you made us have a prom, a PROM Chief!!


chief: what now karev
alex: you know what i hate more than izzie loving denny? PROM, NOT ONLY DID I NOT GET LAID ON MY PROM NIGHT, IM NOT A GIRL AND I DONT MAKE THEM
chelif: well you better start loving prom so much you would be sh!tting roses or else you gonna lose ya job!


CHIEF: Are you talking to me? You better not be talking to me. I'll tell you what you should do though. You should shut your mouth, turn around and go back to work.
ALEX: But, sir ...
CHIEF: I don't want to hear it. ... Are you still standing here? Go!

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