Patrick Dempsey, Daughter On the Set

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Here's a Thursday treat for all you McDreamy fans. The Insider came across some pics of Patrick Dempsey, along with his daughter, Tallulah, 4. Here Patrick is shown on the set of Enchanted, the film he's working on while Grey's Anatomy is on hiatus. He looks like... well, like his McDreamy self, and like he's a super dad to boot. Credit goes to our blogger source for these.

Patrick & Tallulah Dempsey
Patrick Dempsey on the Set

What a cutie! And little Tallulah isn't half bad, either...

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Aww...they're SOOOOO cute together! But she does look more like his wife than him...


Yeah, the bangs have to go! If she looked like her daddy she'd be SOOOOO much more cuter!!!! No offense, but Jill's not that gorgeous! I agree with whoever said EP and PD would have hotter kids-SOOOO true! But hey, I call one of the twins-even though I'd be 14 years older then them...who gives! haha


I think its hilarious that half of the female population are truely convinced that Patrick and Them are a match made in heaven. Congrats to Jill for beating us to him.


I would love to be his daughter... no, wait id love to be his wife. Tallullah looks so much like Jill but i hope that Darby and Sullivan look like patrick 'cause then we have younger patricks to drool over.


HeR bAnGs HaS tO gO......BuT sHe's sOoOoOoO aDoRaBlE-------> sO iS hEr DaDdY *aDmIrE aDmIrE*
i WoUlD aLsO bE lUckIeST gIrl IN tHe WoRlD iF i WeRe HiS dAuGhTer.......ShE iS thE oNe WHo cAn Say: mY McDaDdY iS mCdReAMy *cRy Cry*
wHy It CoUlDn't Be Me??? :p


I am not trying to sound mean but she is not that cute for a little girl. Average looking. Maybe it is the bangs! He is very very hot though. He has aged really well compared to his early days in Can't buy me love. The wife should be credited with making him hot b/c she has made his hair look she needs to work on the daughters's hair.


OMG i cant wait to see the movie Mc Dreamy is so hot


i want to be married to patrick dempsey hes so hot!!!


shes adorable and she has a really hot dad there so cute more pictures i say


they are sooo cute together, i love pics of 'father-daughter' kodac moments. and i agree, they should carry on a genoration of hottness!!! LOVE U DEMPSEY!!!

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