Grey's Anatomy is Early Emmy Favorite

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More Awards For Shonda & Co. Sunday?
Oddsmakers are saying Grey's Anatomy is the heavy favorite to win the coveted award for Outstanding Drama Series award at Sunday's Emmy Awards.

If Grey's were to take home the crown, it would dethrone the newly-departed The West Wing in its bid for a record fifth term as prime time TV's best drama.

In addition to the classic presidential series, Grey's faces stiff competition from the critically acclaimed Fox network spy thriller, 24. Thus far, critics and fans like Grey's chances. The two remaining nominees are considered long shots in this year's Emmy drama race -- the Fox hospital show House and HBO's gangster hit and past Emmy winner, The Sopranos.

Sunday's Emmys are being closely watched by the TV industry as a test of new nomination rules designed to give newcomers, lesser-rated series and smaller networks a better shot at the major categories.

One group of TV critics taking part in an odds-making poll posted on the Los Angeles Times' entertainment site, The Envelope, picked Grey's Anatomy to narrowly edge out 24. The two shows lead the way in total nominations this year, with 24 snaring an even dozen and Grey's 11.

Grey's Anatomy is Early Emmy Favorite
The most our beloved show could possibly win is nine, however, with Sandra Oh and Chandra Wilson (left) both up for Outstanding Supporting Actress, and Grey's creator Shonda Rhimes going up against fellow writer Krista Vernoff for top scribe honors.

Adding an extra bit of drama to the show is the fact the ABC plans to air the blockbuster film Pirates of Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl opposite the NBC telecast, even as its medical drama looks poised to claim the top prize. Some have criticized the move, though ABC Entertainment President Steve McPherson insists he scheduled the film before the Emmy nominees were revealed.

Not that we advocate you bet money on Grey's, but here are the official odds for the Outstanding Drama Series category, according to

  • Grey's Anatomy -- 5/14
  • 24 -- 4/1
  • House -- 13/1
  • The West Wing -- 33/1
  • The Sopranos -- 33/1

According to this oddsmaker, a $10 bet on 24 would win you $40. You'd have to bet $14 just to win $5 on Grey's Anatomy, however, making it the prohibitive favorite. Here's hoping this prediction comes true -- maybe our poll isn't that far off the mark after all!

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thanks, that makes sense. maybe sanda and chandra split the votes on best supporting actress... and grey's did the same with best writing for an episode. cuz seriously, if the super bowl ep wasn't the best thing on television all year, what was??


Go Grey's!!!! How cool would it be if Sandra Oh and Chandra Wilson tied and Shonda and Krista tied too? I know, I know, the likelihood of that happening is like zilch, but it would be rockstar.


It is a little confusing, but it's described correctly. The greater the payout, the more of a long shot something is. With 24, a $10 bet would win $40, a signifcant payout. With Grey's, a $14 bet would only win $5 -- a much smaller reward. Because it's more likely to win, at least in some people's estimation, the reward is not as great.


I don't really understand odds, but the way you described it would make 24 the safer bet. Maybe you got part backwards?


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