Interns' Emmy Fashion Breakdown

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As three female interns on Grey's Anatomy, Meredith, Izzie and Cristina are very tight knit, despite obvious personality differences. Here's a look at the trio of actresses to play them -- Ellen Pompeo, Katherine Heigl and Sandra Oh -- who were all on hand at last night's Emmy Awards. They all look, and are, terrific, as far as the Insider is concerned. But whose outfit is your favorite? Click to enlarge!

Ellen Pompeo at the Emmys
Katherine Heigl at the Emmys
Sandra Oh at the Emmys
Patrick Dempsey at the Emmys

Yes, we added a bonus picture of Patrick Dempsey. You're welcome.

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the chief was there, there are pics of all of them on wireimage under arrivals :)


Just to answer Allison's question: everyone was there. Don't know about "the chief" (James Pickens Jr.) though. Anyway, Katherine looked really good. Not so much Ellen and Sandra. But they weren't bad either.


oooh i luved ellens and katherines but sandras is kinda frumpy frilly looking. maybe its just the camera angle. i dunno but i really really like ellens and personally i like the hair, very simple.


I love Ellen's dress she looks amazing! & as always McDreamy is looking stunning!


My absolute favorite is Katherine's, she looks absolutely stunning! Ellen would have been my favorite, but I think her hair ruins it. (I love Patrick too of course.) I don't really like Sandra's dress.


Were the rest of the guys there? Didn't see them. Tim Roth from Project Runway rated Katherine Heigl "made it work" and Sandra Oh "did not make it work" (loved the dress, hated the accessories).


Ellen and Katherine both look great. But Sandra doesn't look right in that dress and the excessive jewerly makes things even worse. We can't leave Patrick out he looks great too.


Ellen looks so so stunning! Sandra's dress is da bomb in fashion.


I LOVED Katherine's. She looked stunning.


I love Ellen's the best

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