Grey's Anatomy Ratings Edge CSI

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Grey's Anatomy vs. CSI
ABC took round one of the much-anticipated Thursday ratings battle, as Grey's Anatomy unseated CSI as the night's top show.

For the night, ABC averaged an 11.2 rating and an 18 share, taking the ratings crown on TV's biggest night. CBS was close behind with an 11.0 rating and a 17 share, and actually won in terms of total viewers with 18.08 million to ABC's 17.31 million.

NBC came in third with a 7.4/12, while FOX posted a 2.9/5 showing, and The CW brought up the rear at 1.6/2. On the strength of Grey's, ABC claimed victory among adults 18-49 with a 7.2 rating.

CBS, 6.0, took second in the demographic advertisers love most, while NBC came in third with a solid 4.8. There was a substantial drop to fourth-place FOX, 1.6, and The CW, which posted a 1.0.

Survivor put CBS on top at 8 p.m. with a 9.8/16, while the Grey's Anatomy recap show, "Complications of the Heart," on ABC was a strong second at 9.2/15. NBC was third with season premieres of My Name Is Earl (5.8/10) and The Office (5.7/9).

At 9 p.m., the Grey's Anatomy premiere (15.7/23) scored a shocking win over CSI (13.5/20), which has dominated the slot for years.

Another medical drama, NBC's ER, won the 10 p.m. spot with a 10.0/16, while the premiere of Shark on CBS averaged 9.8/16 and ABC's Six Degrees lost a big chunk of its lead-in to finish at 8.6/14.

Whether Meredith, McDreamy & Co. can continually defeat CSI without an entire summer's worth of re-runs and hype is another story, but it's great to see that the show more than held its own at its new time!

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