Hicks Still On Track For Nov. 14 Album Date

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Hicks Still On Track For Nov. 14 Album Date
Sources tell AIW that Taylor Hicks' album, the release date of which had gotten a little squishy, is back on track for November 14.

Here's hoping that the Soul Patrol king has time to get it done (and done right). It's a tight squeeze for all the Idols. Kellie Pickler still on schedule for her October 31 date, having bumped it up from November 14.

Chris Daughtry, meanwhile, is still slated for November 21. Only Katharine McPhee of the current Clive Davis empire crop is still not scheduled for a definite date, though sometime in November is the goal.

Which of the upcoming albums will have the most success among this new crew? Moreover, how will American Idol vets Clay Aiken, Ruben Studdard and Fantasia Barrino fare?

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Fantasia will have the best CD


I'm already liking Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard's latest albums. They have both matured vocally. Yes, we know them from TV, but I like to focus on their music careers now. I can't wait to hear Fantasia's new album--she needs to get back out there this month on one of those TV shows to perform her new song! Chris Daughtry's effort is one I'm excited to hear. I'm looking forward to Taylor Hicks' new one. The single was okay, a little too sappy on the lyrics, but I'm waiting for his album to hear his depth vocally. It sounds rock driven the way they're describing it. I think that people are now accepting that the AI franchise can find and produce such dynamic talent! Also I hope that Elliott Yamin and Paris Bennett get new albums out there too--they're very strong singers to me.