Review of Mario Vazquez Album

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Despite dropping out of American Idol for personal reasons, it appears as though Mario Vazquez has a bright singing career ahead of him.

Just take a look at the positive review his debut solo album has received from The San Francisco Chronicle:

Vazquez, who mysteriously dropped out of the fourth season of American Idol after making it to the final 12, should have no problem becoming a pop idol on his own with his self-titled debut, full of catchy R&B and pop tracks.

Mario is a Hit

First off, the guy can sing. His first single, "Gallery," isn't spectacular, but it's an infectious song that shows off Vazquez's smooth voice. Singer Ne-Yo wrote and helped produce [it]. Like most of the album, it follows in the style of contemporary R&B singers such as Usher, Chris Brown and Frankie J.

Mario Vazquez is a welcome departure from much of the sexed-up music that tries to pass as love songs. Sure, there are a few cliche lyrics ("Girl, I adore you, never ignore you. You're my angel sent from above.") but stand-out tracks such as "One Shot" and the Caribbean-influenced "Don't Lie" sound earnest and sweet.

Signed by music mogul Clive Davis, it would have been easy for Vazquez to load his debut with guest artists. Other than the up-tempo "Cohiba" with rapper Fat Joe and reggaeton artist Knox, though, the album is all Vazquez and he steps out strong. Not bad for a dropout.

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Hey Danny, I agree w/ you. Mario's cd isn't that good but hell! he's cute!! LOL!!
i HAVE IT AND LISTEN 3 OR 4 TIMES BUT ITS SOOOO BORING... He must record better songs, man!!
Love u all.....


Mario Vazquez album is mediocre. There'r two songs (Gallery and One shot) that are a bit good but they dont have a good instrumentation and the production is just like everybody else in the music market. I was shooked a big label put big money into this album and came out like this!!!(big names producers & writers: Ne-yo, etc). He is not selling well either and it means the public dont buy the "I quit American Idol for personal reasons"!! This is a sad case but if gets a second chance and find better songwriters hopefully he'll come out w/ something fresh and oustanding.


I have listened to Mario's album, I think he is awesome. He sounds the same live which really blew me away. I think him leaving American Idol was a good move...everything happens for a reason. I really think he will be someone to look for throughout his career. Good Job Mario! Best of luck to you...I'm really rooting for you....