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Eric Dane Now a Full-Time Cast Member

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McSteamy is staying put.

Eric Dane, who made his return to Grey's Anatomy in the waning moments of last Thursday's episode, has joined the cast of the hit medical drama as a regular, MSNBC confirms.

Dane plays plastic surgeon Dr. Mark Sloan, a.k.a. "McSteamy," a role he originated in a guest appearance last season, stole the show last week, and is already a fan favorite in spite of his limited exposure.

Grey's Anatomy marks Dane's second co-starring stint as a hot young doctor on an ABC medical drama. Several years ago, he played Dr. Wyatt Cooper on the network's Gideon's Crossing.

Eric Dane (Mark Sloan) and Addison Shepherd (Kate Walsh)

Suffice it to say, we're glad he's sticking around Seattle and are eager to find out what happens between Mark and Addison Shepherd (above).

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there's a reason for the dr.mcsteamy nickname...xax...this comment is here so late because in my country we got to the episode when izzy finds out she has cancer...


OMG!!! I love him! He's so sexy! But not as sexy as McDreamy is xDD


*Comment by Miki @ October 3, 2006, 12:53 pm
I can FEEL the steam from here…CAN WE SAY HOTTTTIIIEEEE!!* HOTIIEEEE!!!


McSteamy, gosh I wish I didn't have that towel on!!!


I am glad he's here to stay. He really cares for addison and I am wondering if him being at Seattle Grace will get under Derek's skin.(I think Derek still cares for Addison and is going to be ticked once there relationship takes off/if it takes off). But I was wondering, did he fly all the way from New York to be by Addison' side or was he already there in Seattle because Richard had called him and ofter him a job?


i think he was more tan in the yesterday episode


I am so glad they made Eric Dane a regular cast member. He brings so much to the show. I want to see if Derek and him mend their broken friendship.


shew thank goodness .. i've been wantin him to come on since his first apperance!!!!


I can FEEL the steam from here...CAN WE SAY HOTTTTIIIEEEE!!


OMG The towel scene was very hot!!! He should definitely be McSexy not McSteamy...however I'm still a faithful McDreamy lover!! haha...Can't wait to see what McSteamy has in store for us this Thursday!!