Isaiah Washington to Set Record Straight

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Isaiah Washington: Setting the Record Straight
We've done our best to refrain from speculating as to what role, if any, Isaiah Washington's fight with Patrick Dempsey earlier this month had in the decision by T.R. Knight to publicly announce his homosexuality last week.

Our position has been that until the producers or one of the actors themselves comes forward regarding the incident, there's too little credible information to comment on.

We may get the scoop tomorrow, however. Sources tell us Isaiah will be appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres Show at 9 a.m. to address the rumors of him being replaced (denied by ABC and sources close to the show) and the fight between him and Dempsey.

It's great that he's going on the program to clear the air. His name has been dragged through the mud over the past week, with many media outlets disparaging him based on mere rumors. It will be good to hear it straight from the horse's mouth. Then, hopefully, Knight and the rest of us can move on.

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