Izzie Watch: Four Episodes, One Sweater

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Izzie in Denny's Sweater
Many fans have noted that throughout Season 3, a grieving Isobel Stevens has been without makeup, and wearing the same sweater.

While it hasn't been explicitly stated on any Grey's Anatomy episodes this fall, it is widely rumored that the sweater she's wearing belonged to Denny (one fan observes she said it smells like him), and represents a part of Izzie's life that is gone, but not forgotten.

It turns out this is true, according to one of the show's writers, Debora Cahn, who confirms it in the show's official blog. She also offers some anecdotes about the scenes in which Katherine Heigl (who plays Izzie) was forced to stand outside all day long.

In Seattle, this might not have been a big deal. But in Los Angeles, where most of Grey's Anatomy is filmed, it's considerably hotter. Below is Cahn's take on both the lovely Katherine and her struggling intern character:

"Izzie’s trying to get on with her life too, in an incredibly valiant way.  But she can’t. It was heartbreaking, watching her standing outside that hospital all day. It was 95 degrees out when we shot it, and she’s wearing Denny’s sweater, so on top of the emotional devastation, we were a little worried Katie Heigl was going to pass out.

Katie was fine. But Izzie was wrecked. She thought that she could take back her life, through sheer force of will, but it’s too much. We all wanted her to walk through that door. We all wanted to believe that she could bounce back. Still be a doctor. Be a superhero. Step out of the wreckage, brush herself off, and walk on. But she can’t."

At least not yet. Maybe after her empowering visit with Denny Duquette, Sr., during last week's "What I Am," she'll finally summon the courage needed to walk through those doors. 

Izzie... Still Wearing Denny's Sweater

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...are you sure Izzie knit it?


Actually izzie and Mer both had knit a sweater...


Would someone please email me if they know how to get the pattern for the sweater Izzie is knitting?
Thanks in advance.
Sharon Walker


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I think this visit from Denny Duquette, Sr will not only help Izzie move on with the grieving process but millions of grieving we want denny back fans can move on knowing we have a new favorite character who will never leave our hearts Denny Duquette, and a new favorite actor Mr. Jeffrey Dean Morgan who we can't wait to see act again. We love them both. Denial is the first stage of grief I bet you blog writers are glad your thousand of faithful fans have moved on.


...and if I remember correctly, it was Denny who said the sweater smelled like her and she said she had been wearing if for three hours.


actually, i have been watching season 2 on dvd recently, and i came across the episode where meredith takes a vow of celibacy and is knitting a sweater. well izzie is the one who actually knits the sweater and she gives to denny. so yes, the sweater was denny's, and it was a gift to him from izzie.


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I want to marry you. I want to have kids with you. I want to build us a house. I want to settle down and grow old with you. I want to die when I'm 110 years old, in your arms. I don't want 48 uninterrupted hours. I want a lifetime. Mmm. Do you see what happens? I say things like that and you fight the urge to run in the opposite direction. It's okay, I understand. I didn't, but now I do, I do. You're just getting started and I've been doing this for a long time now. Deep down, you're still an intern, and you're not ready.


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