Next Episode to Feature Vega 4 Single

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Vega 4 Album Cover
The list of interesting, diverse artists to be featured as part of the Grey's Anatomy music catalog continues to grow.

When the show returns next week after its terrible one-week layoff, it will once again showcase an up-and-coming band as part of the episode. "Life Is Beautiful," the new single from Vega 4, will make its premiere on the November 2 episode, entitled, "Let the Angels Commit."

Audiences will get to listen to four full minutes of the song (which is over six minutes long). The track appears on their album, You and Others, which was released October 6.

If you're desperate to hear "Life is Beautiful" before Thursday, it will be available for download on iTunes October 31 (Tuesday). Or you can check out the group's official site for a sneak preview.

If you're not familiar with this multicultural ensemble, whose four members hail from Ireland, England, Canada and New Zealand, and bring with them not only different backgrounds but unique musical influences, we recommend you give them a listen. And watch next week's Grey's Anatomy, of course.

Vega 4
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