Report: Washington Will Not Be Replaced

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Report: Washington Will Not Be Replaced
Rumors have been circulating that a crass comment from Isaiah Washington during his on-set argument with Patrick Dempsey may have prompted the decision of T.R. Knight (right) to go public regarding his sexuality.

We emphasize the word rumors, because these claims are still wholly unsubstantiated. Past colleagues of Washington's have been relaying accounts of surly behavior on set, and several tabloids are speculating that the man who plays Dr. Burke may be replaced.

But according to a statement released by ABC and sources close to the set, that is not true. Isaiah will be sticking around. However, our sources do report that things are still shaken up on the Grey's Anatomy set and the production department is struggling with how to best to handle the aftermath of the scuffle -- both on set and in the storyline.

The Insider has refrained from commenting on this issue due to the lack of credible information. But if a remark from Washington did force Knight out of the closet, as is being reported, that would be very upsetting.

This was obviously a difficult week for T.R., regardless of what prompted his decision to go public. If he did so not entirely of his own volition, it would be extremely sad. Above all else, we're supportive of T.R. and his decision, and hope he's not suffering any backlash.

But unless Washington's role in the matter is confirmed, it does little good to speculate. Releasing irrelevant stories from Isaiah's past does nothing but fuel rumors and keep the incident from blowing over.

For all we know, he said everything attributed to him -- but he also may not have. The media is clearly conducting a hit job on Isaiah, trying to give a story legs it doesn't have. At least for now. Unless that changes, we're staying above the Fray (bad pun intended).

Here's hoping that the incident is resolved and Grey's Anatomy carries on in all its marvelous glory. If we hear anything new, we'll share it with you ASAP.

Washington & Dempsey in Less Turbulent Times

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Okay, who cares whether or not Washington used the f word. Show me one person who hasn't used it in their entire life and I'll show you a liar. Whether or not Washington used the word intentionally or not, it's over. Get over it. Why would you stop watching the show just because of that??? If you want something to petition and get rowdy about, why don't you petition for the right for homosexuals to marry in all states, the right for them to legally adopt and for them to be recognized as life partners with the right to be on their partners medical insurance policy??? How comes I haven't heard people making such a big huballo over the guy who played Kramer who said such nasty things about black people??? why aren't ya'll black balling him and demanding his blood? If Washington said the f word, he's obviously repented and just wants to get over it himself. I've said some mean and hurtful things in my life, and I've regretted it alot. The good thing is that, I'm not a celebrity and a couple million eyes aren't watching me, therefore my mistakes were easily overlooked. There's a saying, let he who is without sin cast the first stone. I guess all you people who are demanding Washington's blood are as lilly white and pure as the driven snow.


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Hi Bryel76. That's the thing. According to most reports no one was making fun of T.R. Knight. He wasn't even on the set at the time. This was an argument between Isaiah and Patrick. Isaiah did not call T.R. a name or bash gays in general. He used a derrogatory term in anger telling Patrick that he, Isaiah, was not gay. I think he meant it as a way of saying, I'm not your girlfriend. Don't boss me around. Don't think I'm going to jump just because you tell me to. No one knows why Isaiah and Patrick were arguing. It had something to do with Patrick being late to the set for a scene and Isaiah being angry about it, but no one really knows for sure. Some reports say that there was trouble brewing while the men were away filming the camping episode. Other reports say that T.R. was late for a scene and Isaiah was angry and Patrick defended T.R. The only thing that various reports seems to agree on is that T.R. wasn't present and that the altercation lasted around 5 seconds, everyone apologized to everyone and the cast moved on. It is only the media who have built this up into something far greater than it was and continue to want to stir up trouble because it is news. As a fan of Isaiah Washington, I have heard him speak positively about gay relationships and am sure that what ever was said in anger does not represent his beliefs or feellings about gays or about his castmates. He himself explained it as fatigue and working 15-16 hour days including weekends. Patrick said the whole thing made them open up to each other in a good way and has made the whole cast a tighter and closer group than before. T.R. Knight said that they were like a family and there are arguments in families and that it wasn't a big deal. James Pickens, Jr., said that they were together more than they are with their own families, that it was a beef, that they aired it, resolved it and that they moved on. I wish we could move on, too.


i dont get this...
1) who WOULD make fun of a gay man, especially t.r., george, in my opinion, gay guys are awsome, and george is the best on the show, i mean, come on now, its so hands down, george!!!
2) besides the 'WHO', what about the 'WHY', now from what i've heard, t.r. isnt much different than george from the show, and if that is true, who would make fun of a sweet heart like that!!!




It sounds as if events on the set have been blown way out of proportion. People who work long hours together tend to get annoyed after a particularly long day -- I highly doubt this is the worst example of co-workers not getting along in Hollywood, it's just that it happened to make the papers. I also doubt that Knight's sexuality had anything to do with it, but it is unfortunate that his orientation has now become a media issue. Who cares? If this behavior was a recurrent theme on the set, then I could understand cries of dismissal, but this is the first report of such a thing happening. I'm sure if the rest of the cast felt threatened by Washington, he'd be off but if they've made their peace, then it's a non-issue. Mac -- don't tell me you've never said or done anything in the heat of the moment that you regretted later! How could you have possibly changed or learned from it if no one accepted your apology?


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It's time to forget and move on!!!!!


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