Report: Washington Will Not Be Replaced

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Report: Washington Will Not Be Replaced
Rumors have been circulating that a crass comment from Isaiah Washington during his on-set argument with Patrick Dempsey may have prompted the decision of T.R. Knight (right) to go public regarding his sexuality.

We emphasize the word rumors, because these claims are still wholly unsubstantiated. Past colleagues of Washington's have been relaying accounts of surly behavior on set, and several tabloids are speculating that the man who plays Dr. Burke may be replaced.

But according to a statement released by ABC and sources close to the set, that is not true. Isaiah will be sticking around. However, our sources do report that things are still shaken up on the Grey's Anatomy set and the production department is struggling with how to best to handle the aftermath of the scuffle -- both on set and in the storyline.

The Insider has refrained from commenting on this issue due to the lack of credible information. But if a remark from Washington did force Knight out of the closet, as is being reported, that would be very upsetting.

This was obviously a difficult week for T.R., regardless of what prompted his decision to go public. If he did so not entirely of his own volition, it would be extremely sad. Above all else, we're supportive of T.R. and his decision, and hope he's not suffering any backlash.

But unless Washington's role in the matter is confirmed, it does little good to speculate. Releasing irrelevant stories from Isaiah's past does nothing but fuel rumors and keep the incident from blowing over.

For all we know, he said everything attributed to him -- but he also may not have. The media is clearly conducting a hit job on Isaiah, trying to give a story legs it doesn't have. At least for now. Unless that changes, we're staying above the Fray (bad pun intended).

Here's hoping that the incident is resolved and Grey's Anatomy carries on in all its marvelous glory. If we hear anything new, we'll share it with you ASAP.

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Now that Mr. Washington has indeed apologized for his "actions and the unfortunate use of words during the recent incident on-set," I will now not be watching this show any longer unless this actor is dismissed. To do otherwise is to condone violent actions laced with homophobia--characteristics I find abhorrent in any individual, let alone any actor who relies on viewers to maintain his very salary. No can do.


I've always liked Mr. Knight and the George characters, but I wasn't surprise that he was gay. I've always thought he was, but it didn't make me feel any different about the character or actor. In fact, when the spoiler came out about one of the interns being bisexual, I really thought it would be George.


I agree wholeheartedly. I am backing Isaiah 100% until I have any substantiated reason to think differently. I can't imagine that it has been a very good week for Isaiah either. As an aside, I don't believe that a remark from anyone can bring you "out of the closet". If you don't want to be out, deny the remark. If someone called me a name and it does not fit me, I certainly wouldn't have to say it did. Has T.R. ever said that it was because of IW that he decided to announce that he is gay? If I were the folks at GA, I might be upset because this announcement may hurt his credibility as a heterosexual male on the show with some people. I love George. He has some of the funniest and most endearing lines. I also love Burke. I love everything about this character. Let's hope this can all be put to rest soon and we can go on enjoying the show and everyone on it. There are great interactions on the show between George and Burke. I loved when George kept putting his foot in his mouth by trying to talk to Burke about his relatioship with Cristina and Burke got very distant and cold. Remember George banged his head on the lady whose heart caught on fire's suitcase and thought he had blown it. Burke turned around and called out, "You're still my guy, O'Malley". It was a great moment. I am hoping for more.


I hope this dies down soon it's gotten way out of hand. These guys deserve respect and privacy. Shonda will take care of it to the best of her ability. And for those who just like to start trouble for the heck of it like I said on another post GET A LIFE also keep your mouth closed. THANK YOU from a real GA fan.


i'm glad to hear someone say what you've said. We don't know what really happened. And who cares if TR Knight is gay? That's his business. I applaud his bravery. I also applaud his portrayal of our lovable George. That's all that matters! and George isn't leaving this fan's heart anytime soon!!!!!!!!


Thank you for not feeding into this frenzy. Everytime I turn around there is more media hype and I don't know what to believe. I've adopted an attitude of not believing anything until I hear it straight form the horses mouth so to speak. So until I hear something from ABC, Shonda, or one of the actors, I'm not listening. GO T.R.!!


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