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Sandra Oh As You've Never Seen Her

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Or maybe you have. After all, the photos below, taken from a spread by Isabel Snyder, have appeared in a number of publications. But it's still neat to see the artsy side of Sandra Oh, the woman behind our favorite snarky intern, even if you have before:

  • Sandra Oh As You've Never Seen Her
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Irving,candlesticks?furrowed.trickle trash .


Sandra Oh is so pretty. She is my favorite actress and character. She plays the role of Cristina so well. I love her. She is my role model because she shows me that asians can do anything they want...I'm also korean (born in new york)


Oh, hey, I found something new to me on this website. I hadn't looked at the cast news for Sandra Oh before. Great pictures. I think Sandra Oh is beautiful and the perfect match for Burke. If anyone can get a confident, successful cardio-thoracic surgeon to fall hopelessly in love with her, it is Cristina. I love their humorous moments, their passionate moments, and their flirty moments. Let's hope the hand tremor, well oiled machine moments are over soon and Burke can go back to being Burke and Cristina can once again become competitive, guarded, stubborn, challenging intern that we love.


wow...great photos of Oh!!


goodness. she certianly does pull off the 80's look! i think it looks good on her. the hair 'n all. very interesting. i think she is beautiful. plus i love her as cristina! thats a plus. =]

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