American Idol Pictures of the Day: Clay Aiken Hushed at AMAs; Taylor Hicks Looks the Part in Miami

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It's time for another American Idol Picture of the Day, and since we can't decide which of these two to use, you get both. We couldn't justify leaving for a few days without displaying each. Call it a Thanksgiving treat.

Vice Cop?

On the left, Clay Aiken gets hushed by Tori Spelling at the American Music Awards last night, an obvious spoof on Clay's recent hushing of Kelly Ripa - an event that caused much undue controversy, as Clay fans are aware (the comments stemming that incident are so ridiculous that we didn't bother reporting it). It's good to see Clay making light of what should never have become an issue in the first place, and Tori Spelling playing along.

On the right, Taylor Hicks makes a stop in Miami... and certainly looks the part. Seriously, was this guy in Miami Vice somehow without us knowing? Not many people could pull off that shift, but Taylor does it in style. No matter what you think of him musically, you have to love Taylor Hicks (whose new album is due out any day now). He just seems like the most friendly, fun-loving person. Not unlike Mr. Aiken!

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Funny but Mrs. Rippa did the very same thing to Regis last February,reaching over and covering his mouth with her hand.He did not make it into a federal case.Maybe he should have said,"oh no,thats a no-no".


http://kellyripaisahypocritean... She should have made sure her backyard was clean before she started trouble.


Claymates unite, contact the sponsors for Live with Regis and Kelly, and voice your opinions on her unbelievably unprofessional behavior! When the sponsors aren't happy, then neither is the network! Diva? She's a has been soap star for goodness sake!


" Much undue controversy " . You are so right ! Kelly Ripa = high maintenance diva .


A Class Act all the way--that's Clay!!!