Cristina Yang: Woman Without Sound

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Cristina Maintains Focus... Barely
Devoted fans probably noticed that the voiceover during the beginning and end of "From a Whisper to a Scream" was by Cristina (right), a departure from the usual narration provided by Meredith.

This has occurred twice before in the show's brief history - in "What Have I Done to Deserve This," when George provided the narration after his awful experience with Meredith, and during the season-ending "Deterioration of the Fight or Flight Response," when the entire staff delivered an ominous introduction.

Despite being extended by 10-15 minutes from the show's usual hour-long time slot, the episode airing on Thanksgiving featured only three songs, which is less than the average of 5-7 songs per episode.

The reason for this? The writers felt that while nearly every cast member has a soundtrack playing in their heads, Cristina would not have one, for she is so incredibly focused at all times. Since Dr. Yang's inner turmoil was the focal point of the episode, the writers decided to reduce the amount of music.

At least the three selections were good ones. Many fans have discussed "9 Crimes" by Damien Rice as a terrific inclusion, and Kate Havnevik (whose "New Day" was featured Thursday) is one of the producers' favorites.

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Im with you cy on GA providing the right amount of entertainment with drama and comedy.


i think they placed just the right amount of emphasis on the tremor.. not too much, it was like an undertone for the past 9 eps.. so when the pressure kept on building up, the focus on them increased until it blew up. i can see shonda will treat this like a long term line.. probably until the season finally. i like GA is not just lined around romantic relationships but also professional ones, around your coworkers. Though it's exaggerated, but it provides the right amount of entertainment with drama and comedy.


Hi OMalley Girl, I know what you mean. I am really glad that the secret is out and that hopefully they can move on together. I was so tired of the hand tremor story. It just didn't seem to be like something either one of them would do. I love Cristina and Burke and most of all I love them together. I hope the writers find a way to get them back together again. I was mad at both of them last week and at the same time felt sorry for both of them. Anyway, thanks for being open minded about it and at least trying to see things from both sides.


i guess i get what you mean, well i do, but, though the secret thing, i agree, but still, it took him forever to do it, and, he was going to do it anyway, its just, Cristina beet him to it! It was wrong I have to edmit, but in a way, I am kind of glad!! Always loving Grey's!!


Thanks for the cute picture of Cristina Yang and for the behind the scenes information about why the music was cut back and why what was there was selected. I thought the intensity of the show didn't need much music. O'Malley Girl, it might be hard to understand having someone shut the door on you when you have been betrayed if it has never happened to you. However, if there was something about you that you were afraid to have anyone know about and if someone told your secret, and if that person doing the telling was the very one who encouraged you to keep the secret to begin with, and if in the telling of the secret that person risked everything of importance to you, your career, your reputation, and if on top of that the very person doing the telling is the one person you love and trust the most of anyone in the world, you might want to close the door, too. You might need time to be hurt and angry. You might need time to step back and let it sink in. You might need time to access the damage and figure out what you needed to do to repair it. I didn't see it as rude at all, but rather as self protective and necessary under the circumstances.


that was a pretty bad episode for George. When he narrated, he's soo C.U.T.E!!! I love him!


That episode was INTENCE!!! i loved the end during his voicemail message! I allmost cried! In a way im kinda glad she narrated the story, it was about her and preston, but mostly her.
That was soo rude, you know, what preston did, almost makes me hate him more! haha!! Allways love Grey's!!


I LOVE Damien Rice!!!


Actually there was one other episode this season that had non-Meredith narration. It was the episode with Denny's dad. The episode ended with "narration" (voiceover) of Denny's phone message to his parents. I really like that the writers are mixing up who does narration this season. Honestly, I am fairly sick of Ellen Pompeo's voice and wholly welcome the variety.


I had heard this on the podcast on and I found it a very interesting thing for the writers to do.

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Just because we can live without something, it doesn't mean we have to.


Did you say it? 'I love you. I don't ever want to live without you. You changed my life.' Did you say it? Make a plan. Set a goal. Work toward it, but every now and then, look around; Drink it in 'cause this is it. It might all be gone tomorrow."

Meredith (closing voiceover)