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Diana DeGarmo Stalker Apprehended in Australia

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She Was Stalked, the talented singer who went from American Idol runner-up to Broadway, claims she's been the victim of an Internet stalker who stole her identity and blackmailed her.

The American Idol star, currently starring in "Hairspray" on Broadway, says the stalker first contacted her through DeGarmo's page on MySpace.

Appearing Tuesday night on Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor, DeGarmo said that a young Australian woman bombarded her with email and instant messages. The stalker then somehow got a hold of DeGarmo's cell phone number and called her up to 60 times a day.

The singer says the woman assumed her identity and used it on the Internet to solict sex and drugs. DeGarmo, who finished second to Fantasia Barrino on the third season of American Idol, told O'Reilly the woman then called her and asked for money to leave her alone.

The Broadway star tracked the stalker to Australia and reported her to police there. After an extensive search spearheaded by the FBI and the Australian Federal Police, Tanya Ouattrocchi was nabbed and is due to face a laundry list of charges in Melbourne Magistrates Court on December 11.

Assuming the guise of a 14-year-old "big fan" from Minnesota, Ouattrocchi was initially pleasant and complimentary when she first contacted DeGarmo via her MySpace page. But the communication reportedly deteriorated into stalker-like rants when Ouattrocchi began emailing her explicit material and "outrageous questions" about her sex life.

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Tanya Q is, unfortunately, a sociopath. Her highly successful older brother pretty much outshone her throughout her childhood, and thus she has always felt a need to seek validation through other means. Her sexuality is also a matter of concern, clearly (after going to an all-girls school) and being brought up in a strict, Italian family, she has not been able to express this in a constructive manner. A low self-esteem, among other things, would have led to this sexual repression that, obviously, fuelled the stalking even further. I do hope she is offered rehabilitation of some sort following her jail sentence... clearly she has some very deeply rooted social problems that need to be addressed through adequate counselling. Or else she will just keep offending. Also, no need to vilify Tanya Mamo - she was just leaping to her friend's defence... Tanya Q has always had a weird/reserved persona, but none of us knew she was capable of this. And though she was a low-achiever in academic terms, to be able to hack into emails takes a fair bit of technological know-how. Again, she just lacks the ability to apply it contructively.


I'd just like to say I went to school with both these girls, and yes Tanya Mamo does exist. I didn't have much to do with either of them though but she is probably being honest in saying she is Tanya's only friend, because I have heard that Tanya Quattrochi has done this sort of thing to many many people here in Australia that she has come into contact with, non of which have been able to press charges due to lack of evidence and a fear that if they went into it further they would be harrased even further. She has become a menance and needs to be taught a lesson so she can learn from it that these are not the ways to treat people, and then maybe she will get more friends. Neither of these Tanya's are exceptionally bright by society's standards, but they need to learn if you treat people like this and do wrong by the law - you will be punished! Just like any criminal. You two girls need to get some brains and perhaps keep hacking into eachother's emails and leave the rest of the world in peace.


i will be taking legal action against you and your already convicted friend Tanya Quattrocchi. Enough is enough of this bullying, stalking and hacking. I had to find out from other people that you have both humiliated me to other internet users. Im done being the victim and people who have posted on this website would agree with me 110%. I admire Steves comment (no.7)


Hey!!!! I dont want any more of this bull crap Tania Diltzo. Yeah i know it's you!!! and if you hack into my facebook again and post things about tanya Q that i don't want posted ill make sure your baned from the network!!!! If you want to fight with tanya thats fine but leave me out of it!!!!


Tanya Quattrocchi has also invaded my privacy. She hacked into my email account, sent emails to family and friends and also used my prepaid mobile number to use up my credit so i had to get another mobile number. She has also wrote nasty things about me on other peoples facebook. She is a NASTY piece of WORK and is SICK! I have ignored her and ignored her and still after her community service charge, she still has not learnt her lesson. She has a disease! a very sickening one.
I went to secondary school with her and after 5 years, she still has this problem and continues to invade my privacy and humiliate me because i have ignored her.
You have a problem TANYA, community service did not teach you anything! there should be a much more heavier penalty next time


Hang the bitch.


I'm 99.9% convinced this letter was written by the stalker. If it wasn't, then Miss Mamo has some serious explaining to do as to why she knows that this isn't the first time that Tanya Quattrocchi has done something like this. If she knows this kind of information she very well could be an accessory to the other attempts of a crime. This information and letter should be passed along to the proper people for further investigation.


Tanya MAMO (if that's your real name) ARE YOU CRAZY!! Considering birds of a feather flock together, I am sure you are her only friend!! A prank is asking for a towel or used kleenex, not ONE MILLION DOLLARS!! If she has done it before...and often, she needs help! You are as delusional as your only friend! Famous or not, tell your only friend to get a life and learn a lesson from jail time or fines!! Go for it, Diana!! PS I liked you better than Fantasia :)


Are you nuts! Of course your friend Tanya should have charges brought against her. That will be the lesson, being punished for it. Getting away will not teach her a thing. As you said she has done this befor. It's high-time someone forced her to stop, don't you think? Your comment about Diana being a celebrity sounds angry and nasty and makes one believe that you are capable of this kind of abuse of someone else as well (if you are not the same person). No one celebrity or not should have their privacy abused. If Tanya is a repeat offender she should pay for that even more.


"and excuses me for being rude but just because your now classified as a celebrity now doesn’t give you the right to make a big deal over having your email hacked into or getting nasty phone calls." What an exceptionally stupid statement. Everyone has the right to "make a big deal" out of having their email hacked into or getting nasty phone calls.