Ellen Pompeo On How She Distracts Chris Ivery During Grey's Anatomy

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Ellen Pompeo in Allure
I guess even the best jobs have their drawbacks.

Ellen Pompeo, who's featured on the cover of December's Allure magazine, dishes on how she attempts to keep her fiance, Chris Ivery, from watching her steamy sex scenes on Grey's Anatomy:

"I thought I was being really clever in distracting him right at 9:00 and I asked him if he could help me with the laundry so that he wouldn't see that portion of the show. Then, 20 minutes later, he realized, 'The show's on and we're not watching it.'"

"That's when I said, 'That's okay, we can get to it.' He said, 'Oh well, I have it TiVo'd so we're okay.' I knew [the steamy scene with Patrick Dempsey] was right in the beginning, so I thought, 'If I can just sort of preoccupy him for 15 minutes, I'm good.'"

Funny stuff. Obviously Ellen and Chris have been able to work around the steamy aspect of her occupation. Below are two scans from the article. Click to enlarge (as well as with the cover photo above)!

Ellen Pompeo in Allure, II
Ellen Pompeo in Allure, III

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I didn't understand why she says that either about not wanting her boyfriend to see her in some of the steamy scenes with Patrick.(Even though we are talking about McDreamy, ...ha) I know Kathyrn (Izzie) implied that her boyfriend didn't like those scenes either. I'm thinking, ......THAT IS WHAT THEY DO FOR A LIVING..... IS ACT!! Naturally, Ellen and Patrick are great together and has great chemistry! Ellen has said that in several interviews and articles! I think that Ellen and Patrick are truly great friends on and off screen and I think thats great! I am sooooo glad that they are back together as a couple on GA! Personally, I wish they were a real life couple!


I am not to sure what she is wearing but I am not that crazy about it. She is really skinny but she doesn't look unhealthy she's really pretty. Now what concerns me is she feels the need to keep Chris from seeing her intimate scenes with Patrick. It's part of her job and he should be able to except it. They are only acting plus you know how many people are watching while you tape a scene like that.. She has said before that Patrick, Jill, Chris, and her were all great friends and excepted it as what they do now it's not alright go figure.


I agree about her weight. I was always skinny no matter how much I ate...I hate that she feels she has to gain weight. You can tell she is just thin because of he body chemistry not sick with an eating disorder. I love her and I think she was not trying to say pity me because she knows others have had bad lives too.
Loved the part where she talks about her audition for Greys and how she read with Dempsey and she said she had never seen any of his movies. She also says that there were all these other males reading for the part and they were blown out of the water by McDreamy...loved it.
I wonder what that pilot was that she read for that she didn't get...some kind of CIA show?


When I first read this article at the book store, I didn't know what to think of it. I still feel that she can come off a bit snobby sometimes/kind of full of herself but she seems like a really great person who realizes that she isn't the only one that has gone through things. I was a little surprise that during the interview, they kept talking about what she was eating and then on top of that she seemed to be constantly defending her weight through out half of the interview. She shouldn't have to because it clear that she is naturally a thin person and people are picking on her about that becaues they know it gets to her and they're just jealous. I think she looks great and healthy.


Ellen pompeo is super gorgeous and very down to earth! I love her!!! i really think that she deserves a better boyfriend... chris ivery is...i dont khow not for her... Maria


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