Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest XXXIII

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Great Caption Contest responses this week, people. Not as many as we would have hoped for, but quality definitely wins out over quantity, as they say, and that was certainly true in this case.

The glass shard removed from a patient's heart by Burktina inspired many a funny caption from our readers. The temptation was to name the very first submission - by Bryan Adams, or at least someone using his name and tying in a reference to one of the Canadian rocker's hit songs - but it turned out that many warranted serious consideration.

Jules, Kimmy and curiousgeorge came close, as did many others who wrote in with their captions. Yet there can be only one winner, and there was little doubt among the Insider's staff members who that should be. luvthisshow, we luvyourcaption. Congratulations!

The winning response appears below. Scroll down to read the full list of captions. Thanks to all for participating and good luck this week!

Here's this week's Caption Contest image...

Cuts Like a Knife?

Hmm... look what I just pulled out of my back. Wonder who put that there?

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Comment by luvthisshow @ November 28, 2006, 7:38 pm
Burke to Cristina: "Hmmmmmm…..look what I just pulled out of my back. Wonder who put that there???" I just have to say that's my favorite. I won't even try this week!!! I VOTE FOR THIS ONE!!!


BURKE: "I AM PRESTON BURKE world class cardiovascular surgeon. I AM PRESTON BURKE.
I AM PRESTON BURKE. It's all your fault Christina. There is no team. You're just being emotionally immature.


Burke: Are you saying mine is this big? Christina:'s exactly like yours.


Cristina: Just put it back in, no one will notice. remember the whole incident with leaving the towel?


When you walked away... you were like THIS in my heart!


Burke: Scared yet?


hmmmm.... i wonder how this got there? You know, If you tell anyone about the tremors, you might just find out, Dr. Yang.


Burke: Ready? Say awwwww...


Christina: "Seriously Burke, no weapons allowed in Fight Club."


That is glass shard type eighty-two, 6 inches long and 3 inches wide at the longest point.

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