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Okay, we're not really instituting a feature called that, but maybe we should. There have certainly been enough pictures of Kate Walsh going around lately. No Lucy today, however. Just the talented actress behind Addison Shepherd... or is it Addison Montgomery?

Kate Walsh in One Way to Valhalla

This one is a promotional shot from the film One Way to Valhalla, which is currently in post-production. Not sure what the movie is about, but we'll probably here more once it's ready to be released. We came across this picture and thought you'd enjoy seeing it as well. Go Kate.

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um... buoni, realmente buoni luogo e molto utile;)


She's gorgeous, and yes Susy, talented. I had the pleasure of working on the film. It's going to be great. She's a fabulous woman and in my opinion, more gorgeous in person than on tv.


She looks beautiful in this picture. I thought at first it was Debra Messing. Gorgeous hair.


check out the official site...


Addison Montgomery. Thanks. "talented actress". Opinion.


i don't know what it's about but i can tell you what valhalla means... it means viking heaven. my high school mascot is the viking and I am on the yearbook staff (called valhalla)


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