Round Table: "From a Whisper to a Scream"

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This week on the Round Table, Dr. Burke's future is left in doubt, Dr. Hahn makes her presence felt, Alex and Addison share an intense moment, and Seattle Grace sees a new side of George ...

Dr. Burke: What's Next?
What will happen to Dr. Burke?

McCritic: Anybody else is fired, stat. But this is Preston Burke. He may have to pass an extensive number of tests to make sure all tremors are in the past, but his reputation and mad skills will save his reputation. Soon enough, the Chief will deliver the two words we all love to hear: Carry on.

iheartizzie: It's doubtful he'll be shown the door, but his prospects of succeeding Richard as Chief of Surgery are on life support.

Married-to-McDreamy: Dr. Burke will be given the golden handshake. With his left hand, of course.

Would Dr. Hahn make a good addition to the staff?

Married-to-McDreamy: Yes. Not only is she a talented cardio-thoracic surgeon with a take-no-prisoners attitude, but she has great hair!

Dr. Hahn: Here to Stay?
McCritic: A woman who seems focused on her job and not the opposite sex every second of every day? No way. She'd never fit in at Seattle Grace.

iheartizzie: Dr. Hahn is awesome. She kicked everyone's butt in medical school with the exception of one person, and that eats at her to this day. She's ruthless, but a consummate pro who also gives credit where it's due.

Her rivalry with Burke made both of them better surgeons, and a woman of Erica's talent and strength would invariably raise the bar for the staff.

Do you like the new George?

Married-to-McDreamy: Yes! It's about time George stood up for himself. The new George is finally showing that he is a strong person and it's going to earn him respect in the long run, even if he does manage to piss off all of his friends and colleagues in the meantime.

McCritic: The one that loves his father and remains loyal enough to Dr. Burke to keep his secret quiet? Yeah. He's a pretty good guy.

iheartizzie: Meek, confused and bumbling George is endearing and someone we've grown to love. But you have to stand up for yourself and act strong sometimes, especially when it comes to family. It's good to see that Bambi can evolve into a strong buck, if you will, when the situation calls for it. Sincere apologies for the awful deer analogy.

Would Addison and Alex work as a couple?

McCritic: No. Never. Don't even think about it. Stop sticking your stethoscope on the hospital torso, doctors. There are members of the opposite sex outside Seattle Grace, you know. Sexual tension and awkardness is high enough on this show without any more OR-gies taking place among the staff.

iheartizzie: The sexual tension between Dr. Montgomery and the Vagina Squad Captain is palpable. While this pairing would seem, on the surface, completely illogical, being confined to Addison's service for a time allowed Alex to grow in ways we never knew he could. Maybe these two will share more than just the moment last week. Plus, in Dr. Karev's own words, Addison is McHot, and the Insider wants to start a poll in which readers choose the official couple name - Addex, Alexison, Montgomerev, etc.

Married-to-McDreamy: I'm not sure if they would work as a couple, due to their strong personalities, but they sure do look good together! I would love to see that relationship develop.


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It may be interesting to watch if there is an Alexison relationship, but I don't feel it at all. I'm sorry but I feel absolutely no chemistry between Alex and Addison. I have really gotten to like Addy but she is way too sophisticated for Alex. I love Alex and want to see more and more of him. I love how deep a friendship he and Izzie are forming. I have to agree with however said they need to look outside SGH for some new love interests. Its getting a bit much to have all the characters only having relationships with each other.


no way! that i want to see addison being with alex! no way! don't get me wrong it's not that i hate the character of alex..i just can't see or feel their chemistry or spice fact i was really disturb when i saw that moment between alex and addison even if it was only a couple of seconds. i had goosebumps! as far as i can remember, alex didn't treat addison right when he was still under her tutelage...he didn't give her any respect or anything! maybe he is a decent man but not decent enough to deserve addison...i just can't see them being together not even for a moment or the mean time. addison is sophisticated, strong willed maybe too confident but in a likable way, that's why i like her...alex is just way out of her circle! i just can't see her ending up with way!


I would love to see alex and addison 2gether, alex and izzie had tried a bunch of times, things never worked out. I think addison needs somebody mcsteamy is such a jerk, and i've really liked alex latly i think he's been really sweet latly i'd like to see somethin happen between those 2. and i like addisex he he!


Alex/Addison's name is pretty much Addex or Addisex. I like to call them Addex, and when they do end up hooking up, that I will call Addisex :P


Okay. I can get used to an Alex and Addison thing. It also looks like Mark and Izzie may have a few moments. Last season was all about Der and Mer working their way back together and this season has been all about Burke and Cristina and the hand tremor thing. I am looking forward to Alex and Izzie, regardless of whol they are with, getting a story arc. They are both such good actors and I would like Derek and Meredith, Burke and Cristina to be together and happy for awhile and focus on some one else for the drama and trauma.


yes burke backer my name for addison and alex is alexison. I know that some people are having a hard time getting their head around the whole thing..but I am with Kate on this...who cares about the age difference? Alex has definatley rose to a new level of maturity and I don't think that it would have happened if he hadn't been put on the gyny squad as Izzie calls it. I know that a lot of people think and his heart is with Izzie...but she is not ready and like I said before I would love to see those develop a very close friendship......I want to see Alex in that kind of relationship and I think that since Addison can partially be thanked for Alex becoming a better person I think it will be fun to watch that relationship blossom. the reason I don't want it to just be a fling is because that would put Alex right back in the same boat and catagory he was in before....he has grown too much and for the writers to bring him back would be a loss and a waste of evolving his character like they have in this season... so I am not trying to sound bitter but if it is not going to be a serious relationship then I would rather them not get Addison and Alex together to begin with.


To Burke Backer.. I agree that Alex's heart belongs to Izzie. But since Izzie isn't ready yet and probably won't be for a long time, I agree that Addison and Alex will have a little fling :] I'm just hoping that it turns into something more. I think Alex and Addison both need someone right now. Both of there characters are going nowhere currently. And they could build a lot off of this relationship.. Like where Alex lives and where Addison is going to live. I disagree that age difference and experience matter in this situation. Alex has definately rose to a new level of maturity since the show has started and Addison loves how he has layers. Started out being an ass towards her. And slowly changed. I also have to say that Addison is the best character on the show and Kate Walsh is one of the best actors!!


What will happen to Burke? He should definitely not lose his position at Seattle Grace. Even not up to 100% well, he still performed successful surgeries. He did cover Cristina's back when she was assisting him in that he told her exactly what to do. It was his knowledge and skill that got them through and on occasion her hands. He will probably be stuck doing paperwork and Derek wil probably have to actually do a thorough exam on his hand to make sure the tremor is actually gone. He will probably lose out on being chief of surgery and that is really a shame because the relatively short time since he was shot should not matter as much as an impeccable career prior to that. I hope he and Cristina find a way to forgive each other and that they end up living happily ever after and both working at Seattle Grace until Grey's Anatomy goes off of the air. Unlike Kate, I care the most about Burke. Dr. Hahn may make an iinteresting short term addition to add some complications to the plot, but I don't want to see her stay and I sure don't want her to have a relationship with Burke. Adults work through their problems. They don't bed hop. It remains to be seen if Cristina is adult enough to do that. I think Burke is. Someone suggested a relationship between Hahn and Mark. That might be interesting because I don't think she would be charmed by him. She's too smart and talented herself. I'm not sure about the new George. I liked that he went ahead and found another doctor when he suspected something was wrong with Burke. That was taking charge and doing the right thing by his family. I also respected him for not telling what he suspected, because first of all he didn't know for sure and second it wasn't his place to tell, just as it wasn't Cristina's. On the other hand, I didn't like the way he treated Izzie. She has been a good friend to him the entire time. A little assertiveness is nice to see, but I hope he doesn't go overboard with it. Georgie was always so nice to people. I like him better nice. I do hope he ends the charade with Callie. I just don't think he is interested. They just don't seem to belong together, at least not yet. One or the other is rejecting the other one in every episode this entire season. It's getting a little bit redundant. I tried to get used to the idea of Alex and Addision, but in the end agree with the ones who say that there is too big of an age difference and difference in experience. Alex is like a big kid, handsome and more compassionate than he wants any one to know, but still a big kid. Addison is sophisticated and confident. I like Alex a lot. I enjoy his friendship with Meredith and his relationship with Izzie. Although she is sometimes funny and a great doctor, I am not a big fan of Addison. She is too confident to the point of arrogance at times, declaring to her patients that she is the best, that she is one of the few who can do one procedure or another. I just can't see them together for any long term relationship. Sorry Addison/Alex people. What did you call them Purplemerder? Alexison? For your sake, I hope they at least have a little fling, but I still think his heart belongs to Izzie.


Well I am with all of you who are rooting for Addison and Alex...but kate I must say that the offical couple name is Alexison..other than that I love the old George and I think this last week his behavior was due to stress. I am sure the George we all love will be back........and I hope that Burke doesn't get fired and I think that dr. hahn will be a great addition to the staff. it will keep Burke on his toes and I think she will spend her time with her nose stuck in the OR not finding a romantice love interest.


Dr. Hahn would make a great addition to the staff. I could care less out about Burke. New George is better then old George but I still don't like him. On to my favorite topic and my favorite thing about this episode.. Alex and Addison!!!! They would definately work as a couple!! They have AMAZING chemistry. I'm not one of those people that after watching one moment between 2 characters says 'They are a potential couple.' In fact I hate when people say that. Such as George and Izzie, etc. But Alex and Addison are perfect. They aren't really related through close friends. I am so looking forward to them trying something out. I have seen a few interviews of Justin Chambers and Kate Walsh. And Kate Walsh admitted she would like to see her character, Addison, be with Alex. And when Justin Chambers was asked 'whats next for Alex relationship wise?' he said "well Alex loves Addison. I mean Izzie. Alex loves IZZIE!!" [Remember they are about 6 episodes ahead of us..] ;) Oh and the official couple names is Addex. Always has been :)

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