Taylor Hicks No Slouch When it Comes to Golf

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Hicks: A Decent Golfer
never turns in a sub-par performance.

We know that's true of the Soul Man's music, but it's also true of his golf game. Not that he's a shabby player -- his 16 handicap is respectable, and good enough to earn him 57th place on Golf Digest's list of the world's Top 100 musician/golfers.

Apparently Taylor was a decent high school golfer growing up in Alabama. Who knew? Below is a list of some other music stars whose skills on the links compare similarly to Taylor's.

A classic rock aficianado, Hicks would probably be flattered to see that he can hang with the likes of Bob Dylan, Steve Miller and Neil Young -- not to mention his buddy and one-time performing partner, Snoop Dogg. Click to enlarge!

Taylor Hicks' Golf Equivalents

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