Clay Aiken: Acting Like a Diva?

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We hope this isn't true, Clay Aiken fans, but follow along with the story recently reported regarding this typically beloved singer ...

The former American Idol star is being accused of booting a 15-year-old boy off of a concert line-up simply because he wasn't festive enough.

Joshua Willard won a North Carolina singing competition, which gave him the chance to perform with the Greensboro Symphony during Clay Aiken's Holiday concert on Saturday. Willard told TMZ he rehearsed his song, Stevie Wonder's "Superstition," and had just finished a soundcheck.


Then, managers of the Symphony told him that Aiken's camp had decided that he would not be allowed to perform because he was not singing a Christmas song.

Curiously, other singers who did have holiday songs prepared, were also not allowed to sing. Instead, Willard was only allowed to lead a 30-second group singalong. Lisa Crawford, CEO of the Greensboro Symphony, told TMZ that the children were never promised they could sing with Clay.

"It was his tour and show. We were just hired to play."

During his concert, Willard says Aiken "was trying to be more of a comedian than a singer," - and an unfunny one at that.

Willard says the American Idol crooner was rude to audience members and told several people to sit down and cover their mouth. Clay even showed a raunchier side by pretending he had flatulence every time feedback came through the speakers.

An hour after the show, Willard got to meet Clay, but says that he was "snotty" and acted like he was too good for his little fans. The former Claymates were even told not to take individual pictures with Aiken, only group shots.

Calls to Clay's rep were not immediately returned. We hope this story is skewed a bit and still support Aiken in all he does.

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What a Diva!!! He would never do anything like that.
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You people are totally out of it, Clay does have some diva-like qualities, and he had better realize pretty soon that he can fall as fast as he rose.


I was at the Greensboro concert, and this story has several things wrong. It was obvious that it's part of Clay's act to kid around with the audience. He was very entertaining and not rude as the story indicates. Also, there were microphone problems for a while and Clay made fun of it good naturedly. The story states no children were allowed to sing, but in fact a young girl did sing a Christmas song with the symphony. Next two teenagers (Josh Willard and a girl) came out to lead a sing-along. Since it was a Christmas concert a non-Christmas song like "Superstition" would have been inappropriate. Josh was obviously disappointed and lashing out. It's too bad he didn't handle it more maturely. Clay's concert was GREAT and I hope to have the opportunity to attend another one.


I LOVE CLAY AIKEN!! He would never do something like that! He is WAY too humble to do that!


I went to four Christmas shows, and at every one, Clay bantered with the audience, told the over-exhuberant ones to sit down (all in jest), was NEVER rude, and spent lots of time backstage with the orchestra and guests. In fact, at the Williamsport show the conductor could barely stand he was laughing so hard at the interaction between Clay and the audience. At Wilkes-Barre he spent ON-STAGE time singing with a little girl to fulfill her wish to sing with him (totally unscripted). This show did not have the time limit as some shows did due to the symphony orchestra members'union contracts. As for the show length, Greensboro was one of the shortest shows, and NO extra songs were added to Clay's set. The reporter should have better checked out their facts before listening to a 15 year old with his nose bent out of shape. The orchestra members I talked to after the shows I attended were all very impressed by Clay and how NICE and friendly he was.
This young man was NEVER promised on-stage time, and he was lucky to have been given tickets to a sold-out show, as well as to have backstage time and a photo-op with Clay. Clay's fans would have died and gone to heaven after that special treat!


This is total SMEAR CAMPAIGN! I was at this show and everything Clay said was said in jest. The crowd loved it and thought he was hillarious. The whole story is here: "Lisa Crawford, CEO of the Greensboro Symphony, told TMZ that the children were NEVER PROMISED they could sing with Clay; "It was HIS tour and show. We were just hired to play." These are just the few points that have to do with the Triad Idols and the source came from the same Ms. Crawford: " 7_ We received an e-mail from Community Theater asking if the 2 Triad Idol singers could perform on concert. They had performed with us in October at our education concerts. We checked with promoter and were given the green light to invite them to perform WITH the Symphony not WITH Clay Aiken. 8_ Once rehearsal began, Aiken management asked that we not perform any non-Holiday songs. We only had orchestra charts for the Triad Idols for 2 songs and they were non-Holiday. 9_ We told the 2 Triad Idol singers, we would need to cancel their songs. We still wanted to include them in the concert and we asked Aiken management if they could lead the Christmas Song sing-along. Aiken management was very gracious and said this would be fine along with the little girl singing the Hippo song. When we told the Triad idol singers, they seemed very glad to still be part of the show. Throughout the evening, they did not indicate they were unhappy. 10_ We cannot control what people do in order to gain 15 minutes of fame. We do not believe in feeding a media frenzy over nothing. " The previous points to this had to do with how the orchestra was to set up their program according to the contract rider, time constraints, etc. Amazing how news sources like TMZ get or give creatively edited versions of the truth, huh?


This story is totally false. Why print something like this without checking its credibility.


Somehow I doubt this story is true. Clay would never behave this way.