Elliott Yamin: A Great Voice ... and Now a Great Smile

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Elliott Yamin: A Great Voice ... and Now a Great Smile
We already knew that Elliott Yamin had a great voice.

Now, thanks to the fame he earned on American Idol, the singer has a great, new look as well.

On the show, Yamin mentioned that diabetes had rotted his teeth and he was left with a crooked smile as he belted out tunes that most fans gobbled up (just not enough to have him defeat eventual winner, Taylor Hicks).

"The next thing you know I got offers from dentists all over the country to fix my teeth for free," Elliott said.

And so it's been done. Yamin, who has just landed a new publishing deal with Sony, has many things to smile about in life. Including shiny new, beautiful teeth!

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Elliot Yamin was hott before, and is just as hott now! I love ya Elliot and I bought the new album and it rocks, he shoulda won American Idol cuz Taylor Hicks sucks and i cant stand Mcphee so i am a forever YAMINION and ELLIOT YAMIN IS MY AMERICAN IDOL FOREVER!!!!!!!!


You always looked fine to me, and sounded even better. ALL LOVE to you Elliott!


Dear E.
Daniell said to me-"mom remember that kid who went to hebrew school with Alexis and used to sing such great Whitney Houston songs-well he's on idol!" we a watched every week there after and just loved it. I often drive by the yellow house and remember those carpooling days. Hope you were finally bar mitsvahed!!
love from Lynda and all the Newmans
call if you are in LA and need a good meal. Best regards to your We are still listed in Altadena


With or without "nice teeth" you are a star. Your voice is far and away the best male blues voice I've heard on Idol and our whole family has been anxiously awaiting your music cd. Can't wait to buy it.
PS. I believe that your mother is a lovely, humble lady.


Elliot, if you read this ever, this just made my DAY today when I saw you on the People Magazine with your teeth fixed! I went thru having bad teeth myself, until I was 30 years old, only mine were worse, (I had an underbite and couldn't even smile.)
I just wanted to tell you how proud and happy that I am for you. You are one remarkable man, and I've always thought the world of you.
God bless!
A fan in Tennessee