Patrick Dempsey Pictures From His Newest Film Project, "Freedom Writers"

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Special thanks to a reader of ours, Wilson, for sending us a link to some pictures and information about Patrick Dempsey's latest film.

Inspired by a true story and the diaries of real Long Beach teenagers after the L.A. riots, Freedom Writers tackles the worst outbreak of interracial gang warfare in recent history. Two-time Oscar winner Hilary Swank stars as Erin Gruwell, whose passion to become a teacher is challenged by Black, Latino, and Asian gangs who hate her even more than each other. But when she listens to them in ways no adults ever have, Erin begins to understand what their lives are like - and what she wants her own to become.

Patrick plays Scott Casey, who appears to be a love interest and possible colleague of Hilary Swank. The film is written and directed by Richard LaGravenese and also stars Scott Glenn, Imelda Staunton and Mario. It opens January 12. At the very least, it offers some nice Patrick Dempsey pictures...

Patrick Dempsey in Freedom Writers
Patrick Dempsey, Hilary Swank in Freedom Writers

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I ;ove seeing Patrick and Ellen togther:) it is differnet watching him in other movies or even on the show togerther with other people. Patrick and Ellen love on the show make me wish that they were really together in real life!!!


this is a great film! you have to love this story. its good to see a positive story told on screen.


I love him!
He looks so cute in the pics!! Kisses from Chile =)


luvvvvv him!!!:*:*:*:*:*


and if he wasn't on the show, i wouldn't watch it. He is the sexiest man alive:)
(p.s and johnny depp)


i liked freedom writers it is a good movie too teacher other kids how it use to be in the old days and it is based on a real story so u know it is going to be true.


hey guys^^ wow, you all have seen freedom writers already????? here, in germany, it's in the cinemas just since one week...
I can't imagine how patrick will do a good job with anyone other than ellen... they look so great together in grey's anatomy!!!! please, when YOU are a fan of grey's anatomy, too, then write me an e-mail!!
so, now sorry for this incredible bad english =) , bye!!


he looks hot as in hottttttttt. i still prefer to see him with ellen pompeo not with hillary swank.


he does look realy young in that 1st pic. i saw the movie and 4 those dempsey lovers--i highly reccomend it. Hes only in parts of the movie and not as much as swank but his acting is realy great and so is his part! and yes- they are married!


Any movie with Patrick Dempsey in it is worth seeing. He is soo damn sexyy. I'm a little too young for him but still i'd tap that!!

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