Rob Lowe: Almost Dr. McDreamy

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We knew that Isaiah Washington originally tried out for the role of Dr. Derek Shepherd during the casting of Grey's Anatomy before being offered the role of Dr. Preston Burke. But it turns out he's not the only well-known (and handsome) actor to have been considered for the McDreamy role that went to Patrick Dempsey and revitalized his career.

Former "Brat Pack" member and West Wing star Rob Lowe is said to have been in serious talks about playing Dr. Shepherd - and the actor himself withdrew from consideration. In a recent interview, he said it was the first time in his career that he chose wrong.

Crazy stuff. The only wrong choice Patrick made (in his own words) was Addison over Meredith in Season 2, but that isn't really the same.

Rob Lowe as Sam Seaborn
Patrick Dempsey as Dr. Derek Shepherd

There could never be another Derek, which Dempsey portrays to perfection and displays wonderful chemistry with Ellen Pompeo. But you have to admit that Rob Lowe has certain McDreamy qualities. He recently joined the cast of ABC's Brothers & Sisters, however, so you can catch him there!

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Patrick Dempsey is so perfect for the Derek's role. There isn't just any kind of competition between the two. Dempsey would win in anyway. He's so charming and hot at the same time...he represents the REAL MAN! =)




Well well well. I love them both. They're both very sexy in their own way. And I think everyone was being so negative toward Rob Lowe, because they just couldn't imagen it. If it was opisite, and they were like "Patrick Dempsey nearly got the part" everyone would think it would be wrong. Yes I do this Patrick has certain aspects as McDreamy, and the chesmisty between Him and Meredith is unbelieveable. But you just don't know how Rob Lowe would have been. Overall I love Patrick as McDreamy.
It would be interesting to see an episode with Rob as McDreamy.


i loved patrick very muchhh before i watched brothers and sisters and saw rob lowe! he's a hottie.


They made the right decision. ROb is the wrong guy for this series. i couldnt imagine him playing the role of the handsome charming doctor derek shepherd. rob lowe is ugly.
patrick dempsey is better he is the best... i adore mc dreamy he is soooo cute and nice


i love patrick. i think they chose the perfect guy. and they also chose the perfect guy for meredith. if she dies i will cry. can you imagine rob lowe as derek. me neither


well im not saying rob lowe wouldnt be good at it, but the mcdreamy look wouldnt exist. that look is the very reason patrick dempsey is amazing at the part. no one could pull that look off anymore and the finale of season 2 with "stop looking at me" would never have meant the same as it did with patrick. i love patrick i hope he stays on the show as long as the show stays on. whatta great guy!


derik is one hot piece of pie!! i love his character!


Whatever, Rob Lowe is an amazing actor. Sure, it would've been different, but who's to know if he wouldn't have "owned" the character of Derek as Patrick Dempsey does. They're both phenomenal.


I too am glad that Patrick Dempsey ended up with the role. However, as a West Wing fan, I must admit that it is ironic that on the pilot for the West Wing Sam/Rob sleeps with a woman only to discover the next day that she is a call girl. Given the plot of the pilot for Grey's Anatomy, that strikes me as highly amusing.

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Mark: It isn't just death we have to grieve. It's life. It's loss. It's change.
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Cristina: And always, every time, it takes your breath away.
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