Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest XXXVII

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Another week, another Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest. After a long layoff, the show returned with the all-new "Six Days" on Thursday. The Insider is officially back on its regular Monday Caption Contest schedule as well!

We've looked over all of the reponses and decided that Sarah is the winner. Such a simple caption, but one that says all there is to say about Grey's Anatomy and the characters we love. The winning entry appears below the picture. For the full list of responses, scroll down. Thanks as always for playing, and best of luck this week!

Here's this week's Caption Contest image:

Meredith & Mark

"I guess I'm up for it if you are."

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Mer: You know if this was a year ago... I would've jumped you in a heartbeat... Mark?... Mark?
Mark: *looking at Joe and his boyfriend behind the counter* I tried that position with Addison once... Didn't know you could do it with the same sex.


Sloan: "I can't believe Mcdonalds is sue'ing all our asses for overusing the "Mc" phrase" Meredith: "I can't believe we aren't having sex right now"


Mark: If I were McDreamy I would have taken you camping.
Mer: Well you are really good at "pitching tents". Didn't you just pitch one with Callie a few nights ago? Maybe she would like to go camping with you.


Mer: "I'm sorry, Mark. You know the way it is with us dirty ex-misstressess, we have a code."
Mark: "Damn... you're right. Can I buy you a shot?"
Mer: "Sloan!"
Mark: "Seriously." ============ Mark: "Hey, do you hear that voice?"
Mer: "Are you trying to hit on me?"
Mark: "No, Alex. Do you hear him?"
Mer: [Slowly fading into dreams about McSteamy] "Yeah... I hear you loud-and-clear, McSteamy..."
Mark: "Shhh, I'm trying to listen, Meredith..." ((I wrote said second quote because the guy in the back has Karev's kind of head. The whole Shaved thing going on with the scrubs.))


Mer "Well, you know when you think about it, things really couldn't get anymore screwed up." Mark "Yes they could, George could start hitting on me." Mer "Now that,............. would be funny."


Sorry, Mark. McDreamy tops McSteamy any day. No dice.


Mark: So seriously, what do you think my chances with Izzie are?
Meredith: Well, if another guy with a bomb in his chest shows up and I end up with my hand on the device and there is an available linen closet... You might have a chance.


Meredith : I see you try to visit any place were Derek parked..
Sloan : Derek has some good taste .


Meredith: I can't believe I saw George naked!
Sloan: I just can't believe that it is that big!


Mark: Um...I was thinking if we could..
Meredith: You really shouldn't try to go there.
Mark: Where did you think I was trying to go?

Grey's Anatomy Quotes

Did you say it? 'I love you. I don't ever want to live without you. You changed my life.' Did you say it? Make a plan. Set a goal. Work toward it, but every now and then, look around; Drink it in 'cause this is it. It might all be gone tomorrow."

Meredith (closing voiceover)

Lexie: [narrating] Grief may be a thing we all have in common, but it looks different on everyone.
Mark: It isn't just death we have to grieve. It's life. It's loss. It's change.
Alex: And when we wonder why it has to suck so much sometimes, has to hurt so bad. The thing we gotta try to remember is that it can turn on a dime.
Izzie: That's how you stay alive. When it hurts so much you can't breathe, that's how you survive.
Derek: By remembering that one day, somehow, impossibly, you won't feel this way. It won't hurt this much.
Bailey: Grief comes in its own time for everyone, in its own way.
Owen: So the best we can do, the best anyone can do, is try for honesty.
Meredith: The really crappy thing, the very worst part of grief is that you can't control it.
Arizona: The best we can do is try to let ourselves feel it when it comes.
Callie: And let it go when we can.
Meredith: The very worst part is that the minute you think you're past it, it starts all over again.
Cristina: And always, every time, it takes your breath away.
Meredith: There are five stages of grief. They look different on all of us, but there are always five.
Alex: Denial.
Derek: Anger.
Bailey: Bargaining.
Lexie: Depression.
Richard: Acceptance.