Washington & Wilson: A Sharp Image

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Just a picture we came across of Isaiah Washington and Chandra Wilson at the 38th Annual NAACP Image Awards nominations January 9.

Isaiah, Chandra

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Mr. Washington I'm praying that you keep your job. The media has tried to do what they do best gossip and destroy careers but not this time (in the Name Of Jesus) You are an awsome actor, you remind me of Danzel Washington, and Sidney Portier, you were raise right so stand strong for this to shall pass.
Read the 23rd Psalm said it out Loud everyday all day if you have to, until you get what it's really saying to you. Also check out Psalm 91. No matter what happens God's Got You and Your family's back and the best is yet to come no matter what.
Remember this it's not what Man thinks of you that really count, but it's who God says you are that matters. I believe you are a Christian, and if you aren't you need to invite Jesus Christ in to your life, and turn the mess over to Him. I promise you He will work it out for your good, better than you could ever dream, Trust Him. You are Blessed!


Isaiah is 6'1". He always appears taller to me, too, because he is taller than the other men on Grey's . I think Eric Dane is 6', so they are pretty close to the same height.


This is a great picture of Isiah and Chandra. Does anyone know how tall Isaiah is? Because I knew Chandra was short but not that short.


Wonderful news! They all deserved it, especially Isaiah and Chandra; they are phenomenal actors.


Thanks. It might be worth mentioniing again that they both were nominated for Image awards this year. Isaiah for best actor in a television drama and Chandra for best supporting actress in a television drama. James Pickens was also nominated for supporting actor and Shonda Rhimes for writing the "End of the World" episode. Grey's was nominated as best television drama. I hope they all win.


I am so happy for them.


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