New Grey's Guest Star Lined Up

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Just when you thought the Grey's Anatomy cast had gotten as big as it could - it started with nine, then grew to include Kate Walsh, Sara Ramirez and Eric Dane - TV Guide is reporting it could be adding a new member.

Elizabeth Reaser
Elizabeth Reaser, 31, is slated to guest star on the show this season, with the door left open for her joining the cast full-time.

She has a long list of TV and film credits (which you can view here), which include a starring role on the TNT medical drama Saved.

After graduating from Juilliard School of Drama, she struggled to find work at first, but landed a part on the daytime drama Guiding Light, and since has become an accomplished film, television, and stage actress, landing numerous supporting and leading roles.

What will bring this actress to Seattle Grace, and how long will she stick around? As usual, we'll have to wait and see.

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I'm excited she's coming back. I really liked her. Alex was actually a good guy; he wasn't cocky and a jerk, though that was fun to watch. I'm so looking forward to her return. Go Alexa!


She is the preagnant Jane Doe, she will probably hook up with Alex or something like that. But I wanted Alex and Addison to be together so I don't know. By the way I think Elis Grey is the one who will die or maybe Chief he could suffer a massive heart attack or something but Meredith is totally surviving they do that to keep raitings up and the fans in the edge of their seats!!!


leave Addison and Mark but kick Callie out, sorry all Callie fans I just don't like her. But Addison rocks, I hope she and alex hook up.


Meredith will come back from the light...and her mother will go into the light. Seeing and speaking with her mother on the other side will validate her experience as real. That's my take on it. Why would her mother still be in the hospital? Of course Denny and Dylan have a profound message for her. That's my take on it.


I read that there are two deaths; obviously meredith and one next week. Only one will stick though....then it said that Ellis is the one that sticks, Meredith comes back. Last Monday on CSI didn't one of the main characters die and come back? It's possible. This source also stated exactly how Dennie was coming back.


I will not watch this show anymore if Meredith dies...I mean it. She is the reason I watch the show. All the drama that she has gone through with her mother, her father (Thatcher) and of course McDreamy. I know this is all part of a plot to keep things suspenseful. Either way, let me just's working because I'm wishing it were Thursday already so I can watch the next episode!


You really think they'd kill off Meredith? Think for a minute-why would she leave the show-it is #1, everyone loves her, I'm sure she is making a killing on it. Why would the producers want to get rid of her? She's the main character of the #1 show, everyone loves her, and she brings in big advertising bucks. Although it would be more juicy if something actually happened, we all know she's not going anywhere and will probably die and then "miraculously" come back to life. We've all seen enough shows to know that.


This was a very dramatic ending - I can't believe Meredith is at death's door!! I think it is great that she met up with Izzy's love and can bring that news to Izzy, but to think that Meredith may die is unthinkable.
Fantastic show - but Meredith has to stay!!!!!


Meredith CAN NOT die!!! "Devastating" conclusion?! I think Alex & this mysterious pregnant lady will become romantically involved or she will die but he "adopts" the baby.


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