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Patrick Dempsey, Daughter Go For a Ride

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We know Grey's Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey is a devout auto racing fan - and driver, and team co-owner. But he takes the time to ride slightly slower vehicles as well. Here are some pictures of Patrick and his daughter, Tallulah, out for a bike ride. Very cute.

  • Patrick Dempsey, Daughter Go For a Ride
  • Patrick Dempsey, Daughter Go For a Ride 1
  • Tallulah Dempsey

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why is she crying? :( does anybody know what happened?


this shows that patrick dempsey is more than just derrick sheaperd and dr. mcdreamy he's also a great dad. its great that he spends time with his daughter this picture proves he's not only derick put patrick too. i wish the paparazzi would just leave him and his daughter alone


aww how cute... do u think meredith and derrick will get 2gether???


awwwww that's so cute! :) :) :) :P


Great pictures! Being a parent is awesome. Now, fix that bike helmet, it's too small and isn't being worn properly!!! :)


These are so sweet. It shows that even in the crazy world of Hollywood a dad can find time to spend special moments with his daughter.


These are some special moments between Patrick and his daughter. I just hope they don't have to worry about their privacy being invaded every time they step out the door for some family time.


Isn't it a pretty picture.
Patrick Demsey is just a normal father and husband besides his character in Greys anatomy, it's his job and i really love the show, i'm a huge fan! Sure i'm totally into McDreamy, but a lot of people are obsessed by this fictional character. He's also a just Patrick. These pictures are nice, but cant they just leave the man alone whit his daughter in private?
I hate paparazzi


What more can we say about Patrick Dempsey!
What a Guy!!! Not only is he HOT.........He is such a great guy!!!!!! He seems to be the Perfect Package!


Very cute is an understatement! This makes him so much more dreamy...

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