Poll Results: Burke Should Be Chief

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Future and Current Chief of Surgery?
Talk about going down to the wire.

In the longest-running and most hotly-contested poll in Grey's Anatomy Insider history, our readers narrowly felt that Dr. Preston Burke (left) would make the best chief of surgery when (and if) Dr. Webber retires.

More than 9,150 of you cast your online ballots, with 31 percent choosing Dr. Burke and 30 percent opting for Derek Shepherd. Miranda Bailey received 26 percent, while the newly-single Addison Montgomery - who we thought would be strong a candidate as any - finished a distant fourth with 11 percent. To see the results, click here (note that voting remains open if you haven't done so already, so these figures may change).

Moving on to our first poll of 2007: Anyone who saw the previews at the end of last Thursday's repeat saw what looked like Addison and Alex moving in for a lip-lock. While the producers have been known to mess with us - this could be a dream sequence, or a one-time near miss - we can't help but speculate about this new couple... and what it should be nicknamed!

Cast your ballot on the right for your favorite couple name for these two. You can also find the permanent link to the voting for this poll here and vote from that page. We look forward to seeing the results - and to Grey's Anatomy returning to the air January 11!

Poll Results: Burke Should Be Chief
Dr. Montgomery
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yeah i want Burke to be cheif, but i also like Richard (chief right now) played by James Pickens Jr. he plays the chief almost perfect! I hope that Derrick has fixed Burke's tremmers and that he will stay on the show!


Hi Bonnie, Well maybe that will be the next hurdle for them. If we can just get them past the hand tremor thing still together, maybe they will have to deal with the issue of Burke, as Chief of Surgery, being in love with a surgical intern. Maybe he will go out of his way not to favor Cristina which will make her angry and they will have that obstacle to face. I don't mind the obstacles and challenges as long as at the end of the day they are still together and in love with each other.


As much as I love Derek I think Burke would make a better chief. But what would it do to Burke and Cristina's relationship. They seem to have forgotten about the no personal relationship between attendings and interns which seems to be the going thing right now. If Addie and Alex get together and the rumors of Mark and Izzy having a relationship. That's about what you have but chief is a whole other ball game. I can't see the Chief living with an intern going over well at all. I love Burke and Cristina together and would hate for anything to make things worse.


My preference actually would be to keep Izzie and Alex together. I just don't buy the Addison/Alex thing even though Katie Walsh has been hinting at it for quite some time. They just seem a complete miss match to me. She is too worldly for him. Alex has good qualities that Meredith and Izzie recognize. Izzie needs to get over the Denny Duquette thing and move on and Alex is the one who has been standing by her through it all. I wouldn't mind if a flirtation with Addision lead Izzie to realize what a good guy he is and wake her up a little bit, but I like Addision's character too much to have her just be the motivation to get Izzie and Alex back together. She needs someone of her own. I just don't think it should be Alex.


thanks burke backer..




Bailey would more than likely have to be an attending before she could be considered for Chief and Addison has not been there long enough has she? Plus, although she is a great doctor, has she been a proven administrator? I like Alexison, purplemerder. Alexson was the closest one to your name for them.


I don't like Addex much cause it sound almost like Addison and Derek's nickname, but I also feel it's the most apropiate


I´m not surprised by the results, but it does bother me that Addison got such a small percentage of votes, cause she and Miranda are the only ones that at the moment display the cualities that would make a good chief. I'm not putting down Burke's skills (cause Derek would make a good chief but he probably won't be chosen) but he showed no caracter when he let Christina run his career however she wanted regardless of the reasons why she did. Addie would won over Bailey because of the expirience she has but if Bailey was an attending she'd have to be named chief in my book.


i like alexison....but it looks like i am not going to get my wish

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