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Sundance Head: The American Idol Audition

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After last night, we have an early favorite for this year's American Idol:

Sundance Head.

In case you missed it, here's the audition from Memphis:


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    Sundance is the most amazing singer in this year's competition. Last night I decided to stop watching the show after he was voted off. His talents well exceed his reputation. Also, a recent family tragedy was brought to my attention. To Sundance, and all of his friends and family. My prayers and condolences are with every one of you. God Bless you all.
    Rebekah C.
    Houston, Tx


    OMG...We are so proud of Sundance. Everyone that loves him please spread the word. I'm his cousin and we are making posters to ask everyone to vote for him and vote for him over and over and over. The more you vote the better chance he has to go on. I've been shopping all morning for magazines. It's so exciting to se his picture in them.

    We Love You Sundance!

    P.S. Even Grandma is doing Interviews now. How cool is that?


    The first time I heard him I knew he is an American Idol!!!!!!!!!


    You go Sundance! Make your Daddy and Porter proud ;~) Well, you already have and you'll get my vote ... you can really belt it out! Knew your Dad from the old 59 Ballroom.
    Don't worry about all the negative stuff some people write and say ... they aren't in the top 12 ... LOL
    Just do your thing


    The audition was good, but didn't really show how awesome he really is.

    I use to listen to his father sing and he was good, but heard Sundance a few years ago and he put chills on me. He is really good and I will be pulling for him. I am from a small town in Texas, Bryan, and I know that alot of people from here will be pulling for him too.

    I believe that if for some reason he doesn't go all the way (because it seems the judges are a little more strict this yr.) that in time, he will make it as Big as he chooses to. Best of luck


    Saw the audition on youtube & have listened to it about 20 times & forwarded it on. This man has some powerful soul propelling those great vocals. Whether or not he makes it thru to the finals, somebody should sign him. I'd love to listen to him singing more blues. Awesome, moving, noteworthy....[pardon pun]


    Okay... so I missed the memphis auditions. And honestly I had no clue about this guy. I read everyone's replies and thought that maybe they were being sarcastic.

    I sing... all the time... I love predicting how far someone is gonna go... I've picked most of the right ones... (missed on daughtry) BUT on this one.. I'm gonna be bold. This is our American Idol.

    The boy has some CRAZY skills... chill bumps all over my arms. God what soul... I'm lovin this guy :)


    Every year I wait for the chills down my spine that I get when I hear my Idol for the season sing for the first time. Last season it was Daughtry for me.
    Stormy Monday, oh yeah.
    This year it's going to be Sundance Head.


    way to go!!!! break a leg man!!!!


    Amazing!!! That dude can sing !! The hair on my arms stood right up . Hats off to you Sundance You got my vote !! All the best!! Marc

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