American Idol Controversy Continues: More Antonella Barba Pictures

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Topless and Having a Ball
Lakisha Jones or Melinda Doolittle?

Chris Sligh or Blake Lewis?

This season of American Idol has produced debates and controversy already - but none more so than the Antonella Barba pictures that have surfaced on the Internet.

The New Jersey native is topless ... but covered up. She's young and having fun ... but a little too much?

Readers have left numerous comments, sharing their feelings.

We appreciate all views, ask you to keep it clean and are here to present a few more pics of Antonella from her past.

Again, we're not here to judge - we'll leave that up to Simon, Paula and Randy. We just wish to provide fans with all the information we can:

Getting Her Crunk On
Flipping the Bird
Breasts On Parade
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yo .. i would still let her suck me dick ... and any of her friends too. word


omg... i hate her... she is soo slutty, she should be kicked off american idol because this is a faily show.. we dont want a slut on a family show!!


the blowjob pics have already been debunked, they aren't her. read some Google dweebs. you all are sheep baaaaa


ya so i if she want to be nude she can be nude..wats so wrong with that..if she were to make it as a star she would probly take nude pics as a model or sumthin..i think she is a good singer just she get rly nervous wen she goes on stage!!


ill be looking for her in my next center fold of playboy


ok well antonella obviously is a young girl and she is gonna party. she is no katharine mcphee. but it was her friend who posted these pictures. and whatever its her business>>is she supposed to be an angel? no whatever its her life. and i mean i don't care whatever she does is her business. and this is very embarrassing for her and her family. u wouldn't want to be in this situation.


needs to go! not a good rule model for our young children who watch idol.


She is young and having fun! I'm sure when she was taking these pictures she didn't think she would be where she is today and the consequences that would come out of them. Everyone should just leave her alone.. this contest isn't about drunk pictures with friends, it's about singing. I'm 20 and I can relate.. and I'm sure most of you can too.. GIVE HER A BREAK!


She's eye candy for sure. Just as surely she can't sing well. She will undoubtedly NOT be the last one standing. If those of you who are bothered by her pictures want her departure to be expedited; VOTE and VOTE often. Sheesh!
Last night was her last performance. Move on.


pshhh, Please...