American Idol Controversy Continues: More Antonella Barba Pictures

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Topless and Having a Ball
Lakisha Jones or Melinda Doolittle?

Chris Sligh or Blake Lewis?

This season of American Idol has produced debates and controversy already - but none more so than the Antonella Barba pictures that have surfaced on the Internet.

The New Jersey native is topless ... but covered up. She's young and having fun ... but a little too much?

Readers have left numerous comments, sharing their feelings.

We appreciate all views, ask you to keep it clean and are here to present a few more pics of Antonella from her past.

Again, we're not here to judge - we'll leave that up to Simon, Paula and Randy. We just wish to provide fans with all the information we can:

Getting Her Crunk On
Flipping the Bird
Breasts On Parade

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LadyM, might I say "Get a Life!" Those Bj pics are not our dear sweet Antonella. Unless she had a boob-job. With her stature i say she's al-naturale. Which would mean those were taken when she was smaller, which would mean she was most likely under-age, ahick would mean that whoever posted them would be guilty of child-porn. Which would mean they are taking a big risk to get even from their own childish jealousy. Right, Amanda?


Considering the fact that they aren't even allowed to show tattoos when they audition, I think this is pretty much outside the bounds of the contract they sign! The pictures themselves aren't that bad, just not what AI allows. But since she's only making on her looks, because she certainly can't sing, this may or may not even cause a stir.


who cares!
she's 20, she's pretty and she's playfull, and she is covered! Good grief people, grow up, this is the 21st century not the 17th century.


i see no point in judging her by topless yet covered pictures. this is about singing and trying to become the next american idol singer... how can you hold this against the young beauty when allot of other singers out there do allot worse than that.. i have to admit tho.... just because your friend is a better singer than you, you should never ruin another friends dream. whatever "friend" of hers had those pictures and sent them out onto the web should feel rather pathetic at trying to ruin a friendship. i honestly dont think america should hold anything against the girl for the actions done by another person.... that would just seem unfair to me, it's not like she went and scanned them all herself and posted them on the net.


Wow there are pictures of her on another site giving a guy a BJ.. Heres the link by the way contains nudity obviously http://community.livejournal.c...