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American Idol Controversy: Topless Antonella Barba Pictures Surface

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Remember Frenchie Davis, American Idol watchers?

Those that do pretty much only recall this contestant as the singer that got disqualified for posing in her lingerie years before the competition.

Antonella Barba hopes she doesn't become a similar victim.

Pictures of the semi-finalist have surfaced on the Internet. We're not judging, just presenting them to fans so they can have an idea of what we're talking about.

Antonella is second from the right. Could she follow Akron Watson out the door? Or will producers give the girl a break? She is covering up, after all...

Antonella Barba, Topless

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the kid, are u crazy? the one on the right is a fat ugly bitch! antonella is sooo hot though ;) the others are good too, but the fat one needs to leave...


hey listen here, el douche bag, ur a fuckin dumbass, who cares about her being "topless" ohhhhhhhh! big deal, were all gonna die now... u stupid shit, get a grip. shes an absolute babe, and shes havin fun, its not our fault ur a prude bitch. and also, dont let ur daughter grow up to be some bitch who complains about stupid things. so what if shes naked, this isnt friggn 1807 anymore, its 2007. so consider that, ya whiny bitch....


Someone said just listen to her voice. Well I have been listening and she shouldn't even be there. The girl she was up against at the end to make the top twelve sang so much better than her. Something really funny about her staying and the other girl going home.


These photos don't need to get her kicked off...that awful voice of hers will lol!


For the people that keep on saying shit such as "We all do stupid things, she's young, she's allowed".....WE'RE NOT ON T.V. DISPLAYING OURSELVES AS ROLE MODELS TO CHILDREN!!! Kids look up to this show and the people on it. Do you really think it's ok to have girls who aspire to be on "Girls Gone Wild" on American Idol? I certainly don't. She did something wrong and she should have to suffer for her actions. Her singing's fucked up anyway, so there's no doubt she's going to be booted off, but I'd say the sooner the better.


This is definite much more "softcore" then the news is making it seem. I mean, so what if she took some "semi-nude" photos!!! It's not like she was in a porno video. THEN there would be something BIG to talk about. SERIOUSLY!!! She wasn't even fully nude!!! GIVE HER A BREAK!!! PS
I wonder how American Idol will react. They better not kick her off just cause of da pic!


This young woman deserves to be judged by her voice. Other sites clearly show her having sex. She has not demonstrated sound judgement - but when has Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Angelina Jolie, Christina Aguilera, Marilyn Monroe,or an endless list of others whose pics are all over the net??? Judge her voice, not anything else!!


it looks like a guy might've taken this photo!!! And about the guy before me, chub, that's disgusting!!!!!!!


Now that I've jacked off to these pictures, I'm wanting more. Someone's gotta have some better ones of this hussy!


Who is the thick chick on the right.. I like that... :D Find out and email me info @ But this is not worth the time.. The girl is 20.. living her life as she should.. Not showing anything.. Let her act her age..