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American Idol Controversy: Topless Antonella Barba Pictures Surface

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Remember Frenchie Davis, American Idol watchers?

Those that do pretty much only recall this contestant as the singer that got disqualified for posing in her lingerie years before the competition.

Antonella Barba hopes she doesn't become a similar victim.

Pictures of the semi-finalist have surfaced on the Internet. We're not judging, just presenting them to fans so they can have an idea of what we're talking about.

Antonella is second from the right. Could she follow Akron Watson out the door? Or will producers give the girl a break? She is covering up, after all...

Antonella Barba, Topless

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Yo wat up...this chick sux. her attitude is stank. Remember the very first clip of her and Amanda when they're walking down the beach. One says, "How does my hair look?" And the other says, "fine, how about mine?" These two dipshits never looked at each other once. Talk about being full of herself, holy crap! She's probably got by all her life on her looks (fix da grill pls) and now when called on the carpet to perform, she sounds like a monkey having sex with a cat. Her ass will be off AI next week, and in the pages of Playboy within the next 8 months. I got $$$ ridin on that...anyone wanna bet??


I think she should go into the pron industry, i would buy. Hello


Can I just say that you people are the EXACT reason why Brit is in rehab. You criticize and complain and bitch and moan and act like you are perfect. You put people on these pedestals and get pissed when they don't live up to them. "Brit shaved her head, she is a terrible role-model!!!" Who made her a role-model? You all did..Don't let people on tv and in entertainment be role-models for your kids--YOU be that!!


These semi-topless pictures of Antonella aren't bad. But, the BLOWJOB PICTURES that we just saw of ANTONELLA on another website are worse!!! American Idol, should DROP KICK Antonella off the show, like they did Frenchie Davis.


So she is topless and covering up her breasts. Big FUCKIN' deal. Since when is it a crime for a girl to go to the beach and take her top off ? I suppose it's perfectly okay for Tommy Lee, Vince Neil, and Kid Rock to make homemade porno movies. But if an American Idol contestant goes to the beach and wears a thong and take her top off......OH MY GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get a clue, people.


I feel sorry for Antonella that she had "friends" who would try to expose her this way. How pathetic and jealous are they for doing this. Obviously, she cannot trust anyone. How sad.


who cares if she is topless all woman go to south beach florida and tan topless oh my god what is the big deallllllllllllllll????


from the pictures, her friends looks like they're PRO! there must be more EXCITING photos in the future... bring it on people!


i like rob's comment (the #2), yeah true! friends that are like that - PRICLESS! LOL... you should've known better before you remove anything on your body.


Maybe you should google her name cause more then that comes up.....silly girl