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Ms. Heigl
Want to ask Katherine Heigl a question?

Send it via video and she might answer it live on Good Morning America, on which she will appear Thursday morning. It's actually pretty simple to do, so if you're up to it, follow the instructions here.

In case that isn't enough for your Heigl fix, Katherine will also be on The Late Show with David Letterman Thursday evening! The acclaimed star of Grey's Anatomy, who also has a new movie - Knocked Up - due out this year, continues to be a hot commodity.

No complaints here.

In other Katherine news, her Escada Gown from the Golden Globe Awards is currently up for bids at Clothes Off Our Back, along with other items. Proceeds from the auction, which ends March 15, benefit children's charities.

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I also agree that KH used the situation to propel herself in the spotlight her character is not really going anywhere I see her as the weakest intern. Everyone else including Alex seems to be progressing she is staying the same. She blew her part in the 20 second thing she did last week Meredith had to finish that up. She has no potential love interest, no goals, and she was mean to Callie last week unnecessarily jealousy I suppose. KH has been on lots of magazines and has a new movie and because she was nominated for a golden globe she felt she was very self important. IW is wrong I don't condone his actions but alot of it was because the media, KH and TR won't leave it alone. I don't watch GA because of KH I couldn't care less if she was on the show I would just as soon fast forward her scenes. I won't see any of her movies either.


No one is making Isaiah out to be a saint. No one is making KH out to be a devil. Isaiah has more than paid the price for something that many of us believe was not nearly as horrible as it is being made out out to be and don't believe for a minute that it was intended to hurt Knight. We also believe that Isaiah is sincerely sorry that it did. Many of us believe that TR made it into more than it had to be. Many of us believe that KH's statements to the press made it worse than it needed to be. I don't think anyone is saying Isaiah is blameless. We are just hoping that KH does not contribute anything to having it flare up again. I agree that we need to agree to see it differently and move on. We don't have to agree on which cast member we root for and which we don't particularly care for. I don't care for Katherine Heigl. I don't care for her over the top acting. To me she is the weakest member of the original cast. That certainly doesn't mean that I wish her to be fired or that her character should leave the show. Many people like her. To each their own. PS. I agree, Rose. To me Sandra Oh is absolutely stunning. Cristina was really beautiful when she said, "Yeah" to Burke. I love her character and her relationship with Burke and her friendship with Meredith, and even her grudging appreciation for George. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?


Are you kidding, KH i s not trying to support a friend, she is taking advantage of the situation to further her career. The fact that she has a movie coming out and she won't drop the subject should tell you something.


Amen to that, Cherish. If Isaiah didn't want to be criticized by the media and cast, maybe he shouldn't have made a gay slur about one of his co-stars! Of course it's okay to keep liking him as an actor - and a person - after this. The man made a bad decision, a horrible and hurtful decision. But he has shown himself to be a class act in the past, and deserves a second chance like anyone else. I, for one, am glad it looks like this is blowing over and he's staying around. As he should. But enough with the revisionist history here - blaming Katherine H. and/or the media for making it worse is a tad silly, don't you think? You screw up, you pay the price. Isaiah has no one but himself to blame for his actions. It will take a while for many to trust him again, and that's understandable after such an incident. The good thing is that he has quality fans and - I believe - fellow cast members who understand this and are willing to judge the whole body of work, rather than just one bad moment.


I'm sorry, but I am soooo sick of hearing about this whole situation. It happened, it's over with. IW was very, very hurtful to TR. His comments were uncalled for and unprofessional, but it's all over a done with. I love KH and respect her as an actor and actually, seeing her stick up for her friend only makes me respect her even more because it is something that I, myself, would have done for my friend. I do not dislike IW, I just think he had very poor judgement, especially with bringing the whole thing up again. Anyway, I like IW as an actor and hope he does return to the show because I do enjoy the Burktina pairing. My point is. Can we all just get over this entire situation and just enjoy the show!!! Can we all just agree to disagree and support the show that we enjoy so much!? Phew!


I agree with BB that the media has contributed the most in making the unfortunate situation flare up the way it has. Doug, I too appreciate your very rational comments, thanks! I read an KH interview some months ago (it was linked on this site) where she talked about how they based Izzie's character directly on her personality. I don't recall her exact words, but do remember KH saying when you see Izzie, you are pretty much seeing her. And karen! I respect your opinion but oh my gosh! I think Sandra Oh is so beautiful! She has the most haunting expressions in her emotional scenes, like a beautiful geisha...its amazing how differently people see things.


So, let's see what I'm getting from all these IW fans. "IW did nothing wrong. It's all KH's fault for blowing a tinsy little thing like bigotry and homophobia out of the water. IW walks on water and should be treated as such." Well, thanks, but no thanks. I stand by KH's decision to speak out in support of her friend. Celebrities are allowed to make friends too, you know. The fact that there is so much publicity about this obviously points to the fact that "something" happened, whether it truly be the outrageous remarks that TK said occurred or not. IW is getting the treatment he needs to return to the show as a productive member, but it doesn't erase the fact that he did do something to warrant the attention. I agree with Mark that IW fan's are finding it difficult to distinguish between KH & Izzie. I don't agree that IW fans are nuts, but the way in which you are expressing your opinions make you appear to be so.


I think all these comments show how many people don't like Izzie the character on the show and KH the person. She needs to shut up her mouth or else she is going to wreck the show.


Doug, thanks for a really nice and rationale post. I hope that you are right. I hope that the questions they select will actually focus on Katherine Heigl herself, her movie and her role on Grey's. My fear is that this will be brought up because of her over exposure surrounding this incident. She is now associated with it more so than anyone other than TR and Isaiah himself. I respectfully disagree, Mark, and that does not make me nuts. Isaiah responded to the goading of a writer from Eonline. He did not bring this up. He used the same word to say what he did not do that TR used to say what he believe he did do. Neither was criminal. They were both trying to be clear and direct. KH can certainly have what ever friends she wants. In my opinion, she should not have spoken out in favor of one over the other publicly. Amazingly enough no one else from the GA cast made a public statement and I am sure many were hounded by the media. KH did not use discretion. She took advantage of an opportunity for some publicity for herself at Isaiah's expense. That is how I see it, and it worked. She has been quoted more than anyone else connected with the show. You see it differently, that's fine. As far as separating the character from the person, KH's entire speech about throwing down for her friend sounded just like Izzie in the episode where she went off on Cristina because she had Burke's scrub cap and Burke thought he needed it for Denny's surgery. She was very much going into the Izzie character at that part of the interview. I do not have any difficulty separating Izzie from KH when she is not acting like Izzie. Izzie would use the same lack of judgment that KH used in that interview after the Globes because she is emotional and says what ever pops into her head. I think there is a lot of each actor's real personality that comes out in their performances. That certainly seems to be true for KH. Regarding your last paragraph, we are on the same page there. I hope that they can work it out and that no one loses their job, too, but I don't think it is true that no one wants this to happen. There has been a huge media campaign that is still going on by what one reporter called the gay mafia to have that very thing happen. They have blown this up to be such a major thing that Isaiah still has his job at risk over a school yard incident of name calling that should have ended with an apology on the set. The incidents of Isaiah being a hothead on the set have not been well documented and only came to light after the incident in October and have come from a very suspect source. But, you can see the damage that can be done by an irresponsible press. You are one of many who believe unsubstantiated claims printed in the National Inquirer and repeated in other tabloids and on line as fact. I have watched multiple tiimes the NAACP Image Awards last year when Isaiah won. He is sitting with the entire cast and production team of GA including KH, TR, SO, KW, CW, JC, SR, PH. When Jim Pickens says, "Paging Dr. Burke" when Isaiah won for best actor, KH is on her feet clapping and smiling. Kate Walsh reaches across two rows of people to pat him on the shoulder, Sandra Oh is grinning from ear to ear and gives him a huge hug on the stage when they also receive the award for the show at that event. Everyone looks delighted and very much like they all get along fine. In fact, there is a video on YouTube of the interview after the show, and this was just last February, where they are being interviewed and the host says something about having two winners to talk to, referring to Shonda for the show and Isaiah for his individual recognition. Isaiah responds that there are two recipients, but that they are all winners. TR is standing right behind him and has a huge smile on his face. I don't know what happened in October or what led up to that incident that finally boiled over, but for two years this cast has gotten along beautifully it seems from all outward appearances and from statements that each have made as well as some of their guest stars, and that includes Isaiah. This seems to be true even in those candid moments when people are caught when they do not know they are on camera. I really believe if the media would leave it alone, the cast would heal. That is all I am saying. I hope that KH does not bring up this incident in her interview and add more fuel to the fire when it might have a chance of dying down. I don't see this as making me nuts, but rather making me a fan of Isaiah and of the show.


I believe Tyra Banks said it best when she said..."For those of you who have something bad to say about me or my comment....I have one thing to say to you....KISS MY FAT ASS!!!!" I have made it this long and even though you can attack back at me...my voice and opinions will still be heard! Now I am tired of being picked on for expressing my opinions and my thoughts! Yes KH expressed her opinion...yes Isaiah expressed his opinion...and yes TR is Gay! Who cares...as long as they continue being good actors and the show continues to be great....WHO CARES! You people that always try to judge me because of my comments again KISS IT! PUT ON THE RED LIPSTICK AND KISS IT!

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