Baylie Brown: American Idol Hopeful

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Baylie Brown reminds many viewers of a former American Idol finalist.

Indeed, with their country roots and blonde hair, it's difficult to avoid comparisons between Brown and Kellie Pickler. We doubt either beautiful singer would mind, either.

Baylie was named 2003 Main Street Country Music Showcase "Entertainer of the Year" for her age group. She also holds the MSCMS "Female Vocalist of the Year" awards for 2002 and 2003, as she hopes to turn past success on a smaller stage into major succes on TV's biggest stage.

Meanwhile, the American Idol Six hopeful has a CD on sale. It's called "Big Trouble." Check out the song list and purchase it here.

Baylie Brown

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Only i've got to say she is the best one
here in Argentina are passing the moment she was convocated to go to hollywood so I be a little lost of what happened to her hehe
I want information of her
Please tell what happened to her contacting me to this e-mail: Sorry for my english it's a bit pour i'm learning it


Yes they made a bad decision however it was a hard line that had to draw. However She did get screwed by the two lieing sluts. And now that those photos surfaced about Antonella she is even more solitified.


baylie was i think the best person on the show and those girls were sooo mean. there is no question about whos better kellie or her baylie rocked. those girls in her group will not make it anywhere with that kinda attitudes. i felt soooo bad for baylie and in the video she was wearing pants from Pink!! (my fave store!!) well i just wish she would have made it. the judges made a baaad decision.


Baylie Brown did not deserve to get voted off. Come on, this is American Idol where your singing counts it's not a memory test! She needs another shot, although I believe she won't need american idol to advance her career. She'll get another shot at something.


I do not understand why Bailie Brown did not make it to the top 24 and should be brought back and given another chance. It is not fair the way she was placed with a group of two other girls that stayed up half the night fighting with each other while she sit there bored to tears and tired, then forgot her words because she was so tired and they got through and she did not. So unfair.