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Well, Grey's Anatomy fans, you can officially exhale.

Meredith Grey was brought back to life after a miraculous turn of events. We were a little scared for a while, but are thrilled (as we're sure you are) she pulled through. After keeping us on the edges of our seats for three weeks, Part III of this extravaganza was every bit as good as advertised.

Discuss "Some Kind of Miracle" in Forum!
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could you sum up te 17th episode because i live in france and so i can't see it!please !thanks


Seriously? Can I have some butter with that corn? Wow, that was lame-o. Was "run meredith, run" really necessary? Such a big lead-up, I had a flippin "Grey's" party last night - there were cupcakes - for that? Not good. Will I stop watching forever because of it??? Uh-no. Will I ever buy cupcakes to watch it with??- Uh-no.


kanadian_angel : I heard the chief saying " this is mine" about meredith too , and then burke says : "we're all on the same side " !! is that really possible ??


The only thing that came to mind when it was done was OMFG! It was really good! I liked how they brought back the dead in it! The ones we loved and asked for were back for a short while. And the makeup on the Jane Doe is incredible! I can't wait to see where her story leads too. I feel like bouncing up and down cause it was so good!


OK, I really don't mean to start anything here, but I have to wonder why people are upset because there's no sex between Burke and Christina or Meredith and Derrek? For me that's not what the show is about. The show is about their relationships with each other (besides the physical aspect) and just because GA isn't Melrose Place (i.e. we see them jumping into bed every episode) doesn't mean they aren't having it off screen That being said, I LOVED this episode. I laughed, I cried, I was on the edge of my seat. Yes, I knew that Ellis was going to die and she was the one who would ultimately send Mer back but I also loved the fact that Mer had to reach the point where she wanted to go back on her own... before her mother showed up. I think that's what Meredith needed. She's been in such a funk since the whole thing with her mother and she needed to deal with it on her own terms. No matter how much Derrek wants to be her "knight in shining whatever" and save her, in this case the only person who could save Mer was Mer. Personally I think Patrick Dempsy deserves an Emmy, a Golden Globe and every other award for this episode because I could feel Derrek's pain, completely and totally. The scene where he goes off on Ellis just about did me in, I crying so hard. And I personally loved the scene at the end where he's watching her and she wakes up. I kind of like the fact that they didn't have to throw out a big speech about their feelings. You could see the love they feel for each other. It was written all over their faces.... Hell, even Addison could see it! And although we didn't see a lot of Addison in this episode, I think it showed alot of her character in this episode. How many women would be able to step up and comfort their ex who was distraut over losing his the woman he left her for. Plus, Addison does genuinely care about Mer. Plus, did anyone notice how they totally set up her spinoff at the end where she was watching Mer and Der and she said to Mark "He never felt like that about me" and then the whole no sex for 60 days. I'm thinking that her and Mark are gonna get back together and head back to New York (I could be wrong but that's my feeling). As for Izzie, I think she's wrong in how she's going about it but I do think that in her mind she is trying to protect George (and I kind of think she's right about his marriage). I mean, he thought that he was having panic attacks aboout the marriage in the whole "poison blood" episode and he even said at the end of this episode "If you're right and I made a mistake, I'm gonna need you". So, there's even a part of him that has doubts. I thought Christina's reaction was completely natural for her character and finding out about her father made everything become so clear (kind of like understanding why Mer is the way she is after Eliis became lucid). And when Mer finally woke up and Christina was crying... I don't think I've ever seen Christina cry before. "You were the only person I wanted to tell." For me, that one sentence summed up their relationship. It showed the bond and connection between these two women. I did pick up on the Chief stopping mid sentence after saying "This is Ellis Grey's daughter." It is a definite possibility that he could be Mer's real dad. I mean, who knows how long his affair with Ellis lasted plus there was the time awhile ago when she thought George was Thatcher and Ellis said something like "Meredith may think she needs you but I know better". It's definitely a theory but it also could have just been thrown in there to get us going.. so who knows. And finally: My favorite part of the whole episode was Denny! I'd forgotten how much I love him until I saw him again. I cried when he started talking about Izzie and how he could feel her sometimes. And I loved the last scene where he and Izzie shared the moment and they both just smiled (although it also sent me on a slight rant to my roommate about how he shouldn't have died).


Okay. I have one thing to say to everyone who is starting to say that Grey's Anatomy is not as exciting, and how the show is dying and how they're running out of ideas : It' s not true. Last night's episode was great. It was the best out of the three last ones, but I thought it was a good ending. I wouldn't have wanted to just see all the interns and derek just cry and cry and say how much they love meredith. that would have been too normal. It was great to see Meredith in a kind of an afterlife. It really related all the episodes to each other and how she didn't try and everything. And having Denny back was amazing. This show is not dead. If this wasn't the best episode of Grey's you have seen, that doesn't mean they've run out of ideas. or that Grey's is not worth watching. It is. There are still MANY stories to uncover and characters to be depeloped. Callie, Jane Doe, Izzie and her daughter, Addison, Christina, the Chief, Mark. Many characters. And BANG fans, this 3 episode arc was about Meredith, and how she dealt with the return of her mother, and kind of checkpoint to how much she had grown. The entire beginning of the season was about BANG and Burke's tremors and everything. The music of the episode was great, especially in the end.


Love the show, best sleep I have gotten in 3 weeks.... Only missing part was why did Derek and Mer not say I love you when they saw each other.... Thought that was missing.... I belive that Richard may be Mer real dad???? I'm wondering


I think it is obvious that the show has run out of ideas. Patrick Dempsey is a terrifc actor and I hope he will do more movies or other shows because his talent is being wasted on this show. I find that all the characters are becoming boring. It is not the fault of the actors and actress as they are doing what they are told, but the writers don't seem to understand that they have lost their way. What happened to the romance and humor that was there in season 1 & 2 and the beginning of 3?


I agree with Estheron 2/22/07 11:25pm and Karen 2/23/07 12:02 am Re: Sex between Cristina and Burke. You all no where I stand with Mer and Der.
Shonda please listen up. We Cristina and burke fans and Mer and Der Fans NEED NEED Romance, Sweet loving slow tender SEX. In more than one episode. And if you can't get it on TV the way we like it Make sure it gets on season 3 's DVD. Bare legs up to the thighs, bare chest Burke and Der. Der hands in obvious places. God I LOVE his hands. I think you get OUR NEEDS. Thanks for the memories.


All this week I have been worked up about GA show last nite. I don't know what was racing faster my head or my heart. By the time the first show came on( Drowing on dry land. I was in my pj's with my teddy bear, (I call Doc.) I was calm. I cried again seeing Derhurting and unable to help his sweetie. I liked the part where mer met with some of the persons from previous episodes. ( that had died). I was on edge with her taking so lmuch time talking with them.For a split second, I thought Shonda is really going to let her died. This just cannot be happening. I loved it when denny told her Der still believes is soulmates and love. He will never recover if you die. When I saw they were trying to get her to admit what she was feeling and why she called for them, then I knew she would come back. I believe if she had died. Der would have not be the same and he would leave medicine for good. He would have gone on a permanant fishing trip. I appreciated the way addison consoled him,forcing him to pull his self together,because Mer was not gone yet. For me ,I swear I could feel his pain. I just love him and Mer SOoo Much. They are just perfect together.
About Izzie, Okay I know she misses George. But, This is a lot deeper than that. I know she misses Denny. ( That kind of pain is real) believe me I
know. It takes years to finally except that kind of pain, as you take one day at a time to move on. The hurt does lesson as time goes on. I realize Izzie is lonely. All she does is work and go home. With george gone she has no one to talk to .At home she and Mer really donot mesh together, like Mer and Cristina do. That bonding and commriotary does not exist between them. Plus Mer and Der are in love and getting on with their lives. ( Which
makes me VERY HAPPY).!!! I was a little taken back when Cristina left. Then when I saw her in the dollar store shopping. I just bust out laughing. ( True Cristina style). Then at Joe's bar drinking and showing him all the stuff she bought. I cried and laughed all at once. For me she was in such denial and pain and I understood what she was doing. I was glad when Burke came and talked to her. And I was happy that she went to see Mer. ( holding Mer's feet was just right). It finally made her see this is for real.and I could lose my SISTER.
I realize every week we learn a little more of each character's past. I like that a lot. It all makes sense to me why they are the way they are. Learning about Cristina's dad was great, but also sad. After seeing her mom in previous episodes now I understand her more and more. But, then I always understood her thinking. I have friends just like her and I love them dearly.We all would go thru the fire for each other no explnation needed.
In real life WE ALL carry some sort of baggage. The characters of GA are no exception. They are real people with real issues. I like that, and that is just another reason why I LOVE this show SOoo much.
When Cristina told mer about she and burke getting married, even though mer was trying to get her thoughts and speech together I laughed my head off.( I thought true cristina style). These two women are special and the men who love them are too.!!! It's like Der said to burke last week "there are different then other women". And burke laughed and said "yes these women,yes they are." These two men know they have their hands full and they love it. ( It shows in the story
line). When Der was sitting in ellis grey's room and she ask for some water. I thought he is such a gentleman,even during this stressful time.But at the same time angry with her for what she had done to Mer and for what she had said to her and thinking this is your fault Mer is how she is and where she is now. I loved that scene, even when he was working on her after she coded. Like he said" No you donot get to die today." LOVED it.
I sure hope Mark can keep his promise to addie. No Sex 60 days, for him that will probably seem like a year. That scene was funny. Love to see how this turns out. Loved the part where Izzie leaving the hosp. and feeling Denny's present. Like I said it takes time. Last but not least. Der in the hosp. bed wrapped around Mer. PERFECT, just PERFECT.
Shonda ;Thank You for another awesome episode.
I slept GREAT Last nite.


Grey's Anatomy Quotes

Did you say it? 'I love you. I don't ever want to live without you. You changed my life.' Did you say it? Make a plan. Set a goal. Work toward it, but every now and then, look around; Drink it in 'cause this is it. It might all be gone tomorrow."

Meredith (closing voiceover)

There's a reason I said I'd be happy alone. It wasn't 'cause I thought I'd be happy alone. It was because I thought if I loved someone and then it fell apart, I might not make it. It's easier to be alone, because what if you learn that you need love and you don't have it? What if you like it and lean on it? What if you shape your life around it and then it falls apart? Can you even survive that kind of pain? Losing love is like organ damage. It's like dying. The only difference is death ends. This? It could go on forever.