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Katherine Heigl Suspends Contract Talks

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Katherine Heigl Suspends Contract TalksFans adore Katherine Heigl, but the 27-year old actress isn't feeling the love from the network that broadcasts her hit show.

A source tells People that Heigl has dropped out of contract talks with the producers of Grey's Anatomy over salary.

"Katie is disappointed and hurt that Touchstone doesn't value her as much as her other co-stars, especially Sandra Oh and Isaiah Washington," the source says.

Heigl plays Dr. Isobel "Izzie" Stevens on the ABC hit medical drama.

A rep for ABC Touchstone TV declined comment. We will have more information on this situation as it develops. Presumably, Katherine has merely postponed contract negotiations until a later date, and is not necessarily planning to leave Grey's Anatomy. Hopefully, the sides will come together and this member of the terrific ensemble cast will be retained.

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NO! Izzie is a rock star! She can't leave she is my favorite! :(


You know, Overit, we may not know what went on behind the scenes of ER back in the George Clooney days. One of the downsides of technology is that the general public is a party to a lot more of the dissention than we were in the past. When something happens today, by tomorrow it is all over the internet. That wasn't the case 10 years ago. I'm not saying that there are not problems on the set of GA. When you take a relatively large cast of actors with some success but no star status among them, it is easy to get a little bit of an ego problem going on when the show takes off like this one has. There are probably issues of billing (Ellen first, Sandra Oh second, Isaiah and Patrick special billing at the end); issues of salary equity, issues of screen time. I suspect that was the case on ER, too, we just didn't have constant media attention giving us the figurative blow by blow. Patrick Dempsey and Sandra Oh seem to have the best attitude about the publicity. Sandra keeps a very low profile and Patrick is gracious when interviewed, but doesn't seek out the attention. Ellen has had her battles with the press over her supposed eating disorder and supposed diva attitude on the set. None of which is probably true. Isaiah has of course been the brunt of the media hailstorm since October and is hounded by the press. In one video clip on another online site just put up a few days ago reporters ambushed him as he was leaving a restaurant with his wife through a back door, throwing questions at him about how things were on the set and trying to get him to say something negative about either TR or Katherine. He handled them with a smile, charm and much more graciousness than I would have been able to muster as they trailed him all the way to his car. His wife looked frightened and unsure. It was intrusive and in very bad taste on their part. It seems to me sometime between the beginning years of ER and now, the media has become much more ruthless. Princess Diana and Biill Clinton seemed to be a turning point when as a people we decided it was okay for gossip hounds to try to ruin other people's lives in the name of freedom of the press and that if they were public figures they were fair game. I found the media assassination appalling in the case of Diana and Clinton. I find it equally appalling the past few months with Isaiah. Blowing it out of proportion, as Patrick has said repeatedly that the media has done, has completely colored the way some people think of this very talented actor. Just a few days ago Patrick Dempsey was quoted as saying that no one can deny that he, Isaiah, does beautiful work and that he brings passion and intensity to the character of Burke. The power of the media is frightening when it is misused, such as when months later Ted Casablanca uses every opportunity to mention the fracas in his column just to keep things stirred up, as Bonnie mentioned in her post above. How sad that as fans of the show, we cannot just appreciate the beautiful work and not have to know about backstage bickering that colors our perception and enjoyment of the performance.


Katherine Heigl does a great job of portraying Izzie. In my opinion, she also does a great job of self promotion. Katherine Heigl has been seen on every talk show and in every magazine. She's a beautiful woman, but over exposure is almost as lethal as under exposure in Hollywood. Although her character is less important to me than the others, I really liked her with Alex in season one and part of season two. But, I never bought the whole Denny Duquette story line and this year her character has been barely tolerable most of the time. For me there are four members of the cast that are absolutely irriplaceable and that is Patrick Dempsey, Ellen Pompeo, Isaiah Washington, and Sandra Oh. I also really like Justin Chambers and hope that they expand upon his character and I love Chandra Wilson and think that she is kind of the glue that holds the show together. Even so, I hope Katherine settles her contract disputes and remains on the show because I really do think the chemistry is perfect with the original nine actors and that if any of them were to go the show would be worse for the change. But if she decides to go, I would continue to watch. Just keep Meredith and Derek and Burke and Cristina together and I am a happy fan.


Sounds like someone publist leaked this story to the press to get their client the raise they felt she desvered. You see, the media is out to get a story anykind of story. When the fight between Patrick, T.R and Washington first broke out it just open the floodgates for the media to make up anykind of story on the cast that they want to. It seems like the cast is acting like a bunch of spoiled and ungreatful brats(expect for Justin Chambers, James Pickard Jr. and Chandra Wilson)! They should all thank their lucky stars that they are on this amazing show that is such a hit. The cast of ER never acted like this. It also seems like to me that the on-set drama is more interesting then what is going on in season three.


I was never a fan of Izzie Stevens since her stupid love story with Duquette and the actress leaves me cold she talks too much I have seen her on Oprah she gives the impression to be a spoiled girl. I do recognize that in some scenes she did a great job but I realize that Izzie Stevens is not such a nice person I came to this conclusion by watching the first season DVD again. She wants everything her way and she can be very sarcastic on screen.


Seems to me KH did have an agenda when she couldn't keep her mouth shut. I enjoy the entire cast and believe it is the entire cast and writings that makes the show the success that it is (not one or two people), but when someone starts making demands... I would definitely let them loose.


What is it about this show that keep the rumors flying. This show is a success because of the entire cast and crew not just a select few. Of course there are going to be problems rise but how they are handled is what makes the differance. Some people seem to have made it their personal mission to keep things stirred up. For the true fans that is just so irritating. I want to enjoy the show and hate to see it fall apart from the inside.


well, thank goodness for that! (^@,^) i think we have all been reacting to a piece of news that may not have been true, anyway. had put this item out yesterday and then, all of a sudden, they put out another one today that entirely contradicts the other. i mean, seriously! couldn't they have confirmed the rumor first before putting it on their website? guys, this is not the first time reporters have passed a rumor off as true and i'm sure it won't be the last. i hope we have all learned a lesson from this one.


Hey, if you go to, there is a new article that says she is not leaving. i love her, and derek very much!!


i love izzie! katherine heigl is a good actress. if anyone needs proof, i refer them to the last scene in the last episode when she was in the hallway with denny. that girl can act with just her eyes. now, if that's not enough proof to get her as much money as her co-stars then i don't know what is. as for the negative reaction to her character development, true grey's fans should realize that the writers must have some reason for making izzie so unlikeable. i may not agree with how she's doing it but i understand why izzie is so down on george and callie. george's father just died. then he became a sex machine at which point, callie stared avoiding him. then he asks her to marry him! the fact that callie actually married him makes me think she may have taken a little advantage of him. izzie never said george shouldn't be with callie. she just said that things were going too fast. i actually agree with her on this. she's his best friend, for heavens sake! who's gonna tell him that if not her?

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