More on the Return of Denny Duquette

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Last week, we talked about the glorious and perplexing news, courtesy of Michael Ausiello at TV Guide, that Jeffrey Dean Morgan will be reprising his role of Denny Duquette on Grey's Anatomy.

Now, Kristin Veitch of E! Online has more on how Denny Duquette comes back to Grey's, and shares with us a few juicy details of his return.

More on the Return of Denny Duquette
Inside sources reveal the following pieces of information, which should put to rest some speculation while fueling even more:
  1. Denny does not appear in a flashback.
  2. Denny does not appear in a dream.
  3. It is Denny and not something kooky like his twin.
  4. Denny is not the only one we see.
  5. And for the record, the scene in which Denny appears will completely blow your mind.

Wow. That's a lot to take in.

Needless to say, cancel any plans you might have for the next few Thursdays and make sure you check out what happens with our friends at Seattle Grace. Because everyone will be talking about the next few episodes of Grey's Anatomy. Apparently, "Walk On Water" was only the beginning.

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Obviously it will be an afterlife-sort-of-thing, while Mer's drowning. I don't know why Mer would give a poop about Denny if she's dying, but w.e.


Does anyone know approximately when Denny will come back????? Just curious!


I once read a book where the dead were narrating the entire book. Seeing how dumb all of the living were acting and that kind of thing. Maybe that will have something to do with it? Can't wait!!!!!!


Probably have a quick scene from "the afterlife"...


I'd love to see Izzie n' Alex get back together... But right now it's time for Addex!LOL anyway...i wonder how Denny gonna reappear...
and how it's going to blow my mind... becoz i start to dislike Izzie becoz of Denny..!! and i would be real mad if Mer is dead.. she's my dark-twisty-most favorite character on the show..!!


If Meredith disappears from the show I will be cured from my Grey's Anatomy addiction that's for sure. Already that I did not really like the last episode. Could not even finish the third time I watched. So why bring back Denny Duquette? Does success change writers good sense? I never liked Denny anyway and I am not a fan of Izzie anymore as well. Sounds very blasé I know.


Denny narrating?


What the heck, why not. It's not a twin, it's not a flashback nor a dream, so the only logical explanation for this would be that: Meredith dies, Shephard saves her (Thank god for McDreamy) and apparently this scene should blow our mind. Okay, so maybe Meredith doesn't die, because if she did, end of grey's. So soon?! =O Let's hope not. And that's not really mind blowing. Speculation arises as to how he will come back exactly, but that is a lot to take in.

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