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New Antonella Barba Photos Surface

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For now, Antonella Barba remains on American Idol.

Viewer feelings seem to be mixed about whether or not she ought to continue on the show after a few topless pictures surfaced.

Below, however, we've uncovered NEW Antonella Barba pictures. She isn't nude, but she's posing provacatively. Will such decisions force the hand of American Idol producers? Might this singer be booted off for reasons other than her lack of vocal talent? Only time will tell ...

Antonella, Exposed

Come Hither
Antonella Barba Nude

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i think the war is not "right" (for a lack of better words); completely a mess, anyone smart can see it's for the offical's personal gain - through corporate stocks involved with all aspects, even down to the dental floss needed daily by our boys. again, it's hard to believe what were doing, really hard we are trading lives for toothpaste. that's mine, and many others opinion from Michigan.


I myself thought she should be kicked off the show too, but after doing a little research i stumbled on a site that said the bj photos were doctored up. The other photos above are def not scummy. I say who ever thinks the pics are is completly jealous. She beautiful. But i agree with everyone the girl needs to be off the show cause she cannot sing................Nite all.


wow, i can only said, "i touch meself, i touch meself" - dont everyones else!!??


you know what yall keep haitin this girl has the body to do it. it aint like shes doin anything on the show that the kids can see. if you dont like it dont look at it thats all i gots to say


I could care less about the pictures, but the bottom line is she can't sing. Get rid of her because she can't sing, not because of the pictures.


I lost all respect for her when she decided that trying to get laid was more important than working with her other girls during group night in Hollywood. In my opinion, she is a lot of the reason Bailey got booted from AI. Bailey practically begged the other girls to stay up and help her with her part, but instead Miss Nipples wanted to pursue other interests, roaming the hotel halls like a two-bit hooker. I wouldn't give you 2 cents to hear her sing, and would pay even less to see her velcro. What a slut.


I think she looks hot! As for the idiot that released the pictures... what an Arse! We definitely have not seen the end of her, wait...we did see a portion of it though didnt we. :)


Marry Me Antonella.


I think the producers of Idol should do young women and men a favor and keep her on the show. She is a role model to good looking girls everywhere. If you dont have enough talent to make you rich and famous - use your God given assssets. Everytime I see her I get a massive erection and the pictures above only fuel my dirty wet dreams. I LOVE YOU AMERICAN IDOL!!!


We all need to forgive, do you think she made her parents proud by what she did? I dont think so. what ever happened to what is right and wrong. where are her values, is this the best media says what a girl should be. yes she is beautful on the outside, but what counts is in the heart. God looks on the heart of a person. She needs to repent and then change her ways go on to become the best for her life. the lust of the eyes and of the world leads to death. Only in Jesus Christ will anyone find ture life and freedom from sin yes I said sin. Sin causes death.There is only true life in God.