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T.R. & IsaiahIf there's one thing Isaiah Washington and T.R. Knight - as well as their fans, and everyone else who wishes we could all just get along - would agree on, it's that spam is bad.

Repeated abuse of our forums has forced us to require registration before you can use them. Fortunately, that's easy, free and fast.

All you have to do is register here, receive a password in your email, then log in. There's an option to sign in on the right-hand menu of our site.

Once you do, you'll be able to post in our each episode that go live shortly after the end credits roll. It's a great way to discuss the night's events - and all things Grey's Anatomy - with fellow fans. We hope you'll give it a shot!

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i just love addison so much. love her more than meredith although i also like mer. ADDISON!


Thanks guys.


Bravo! and did I read correctly? Is there going to be a live chat forum after the show airs?


I agree with Rose. Thanks so much for trying to do something about the spam.


thanks VERY MUCH for doing something to control the overload of porn and spam emails on this site. Its been very depressing seeing the forums so infested with that stuff.

Grey's Anatomy Quotes

Our lives are built on our mistakes as much as our successes.


They say we can repress our memories. I wonder if we're just keeping them safe somewhere because no matter how painful they are, they are our most valuable possessions. They made us who we are.

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