Round Table: "Drowning On Dry Land"

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This week on the Round Table, the interns frantically try to mitigate and cope with the fallout from the ferry wreck, while Meredith (at least temporarily) enters the great beyond ...

Izzie's speech: inspirational or inappropriate?

Isobel Stevens, M.D., Rock Star
iheartizzie: Izzie does it. She speaks her mind and she follows her gut. The result is not always pretty, but it's part of who she is. Most of the time, that's a wonderful person. This time, George is rightfully going to be livid at his BFF - and maybe even wish this website was correct in its Death Watch prediction.

Married-to-McDreamy: Inappropriate. I know that people often say strange things in a time of grief, but why choose that moment to tell George that she doesn't approve of his new marriage? Poor George is a fragile man and Izzie was just kicking him when he was down with that proclamation.

McCritic: Let's ask George: Hey, O'Malley, do you feel better about the odds of your friend surviving now that you know Izzie disapproves of your marriage? What? Speak up, we can't hear you over the sobs.

Is this the start of a rekindled friendship between Derek and Mark?

Married-to-McDreamy: I think it might be! I loved that scene in which Mark sat down next to Derek in the hallway. We need many, many more scenes in which Derek and Mark hold hands.

McCritic: Mark isn't the Devil. He's just insecure, probably was very jealous of the marriage Derek and Addison enjoyed. That's no excuse for sticking his chiseled abs into their business, but it's also no reason why he can't be sincere in his current sympathy. Not sure Derek can ever trust Mark as a reliable friend, though.

iheartizzie: Mark doesn't need his $400/hour shrink to tell him he has some self-destructive insecurity issues, and we don't need one to see that beneath the surface, he knows he royally screwed up his friendship with Derek and wishes he could have it back. These two were like family. Time heals all wounds. Let's bury the steamy, dreamy hatchet once and for all.

How soon before Addison and Alex get together?

Round Table: "Drowning On Dry Land"

Married-to-McDreamy: Not soon enough, if you ask me! The sparks between those two are truly something. I predict some major Addisex in the next episode.

McCritic: With every AA meeting, these two seem to come closer and closer. I'd say they're about 12 steps away from ending up in bed together. First, they must admit how powerless they are over their emotions.

iheartizzie: He'd notice if she disappeared, ladies and gentlemen. For macho Alex Karev, this is as close to a profession of undying love as you're likely to get. And he said he wasn't into her - what a smooth operator. Paging Addison Montgomery to the on-call room, STAT!

Will Meredith die?

Married-to-McDreamy: Absolutely not. It's ridiculous to think they will kill off the main character. I do, however, hope that when Meredith does wake up she learns a valuable lesson from this: perhaps if she weren't so skinny, she wouldn't have gotten hypothermia. Oh stop. I'm kidding. I know the woman eats like a horse and can't help her weight. We've all read the interviews. Anyway, no, Meredith Grey will live. And hopefully eat something.

McCritic: No. But my patience with a story line of forced drama, lacking any suspense because there's no way the show's title character will ever perish, has a short shelf life.

iheartizzie: Yes. She just doesn't want it bad enough. Ever since we first got to know her, Meredith has been a fighter. But lately, as evidenced by the bathtub scene to begin "Walk On Water," she's been morose. Lifeless.

To graduate from Dartmouth College, Meredith would be required to obtain a swimming P.E. credit (a fan and fellow alumna points out). So there's no way our girl can't swim. And, as the map below shows, the water in Puget Sound is currently 46 degrees - really cold, but not paralyzingly so for an able-bodied woman only a few feet from shore.

Meredith at Sea

She's lost the desire to go on, and the only hope now is Denny. Perhaps during their brief meeting in the afterlife (which looks a lot like Seattle Grace), he can help her see a different light - and recapture the will to live. Incidentally, what is Coach Eric Taylor from Dillon, Tx., doing there?

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Denny
Kyle Chandler on

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Hi AFan, You are not alone. There are a lot of people who want Izzie and Alex to eventually get back together, and others who would like to see Mark become a decent human being so that he and Addison could be together. There is chemistry between Alex and Addison though, so maybe they will have a fling and then realize it isn't right. I've also heard rumors that Mark and Izzie are going to hookup. Don't know if it is true though.


Hi AFan--don't worry, we are all going to have plenty of company at GA Anon meetings. Alot of us believe Izzie and Alex are utimately right for each other, but that it may take another season or two for that to happen. In the mean time, Alex and Addison are getting pretty interesting.


I'm a little embarassed to say, I'm a fan of this show.. me, a non-TV watcher. I rented season 1 and 2, watched them on DVD on my computer.. and now make sure I'm at the gym on Thursday nights.. I guess I don't have to be embarassed here! anyways..
Meredith is the moral compass of the show- for me. Whether her personal life is chaotic or not.. her behavior in a crisis, and towards others, consistently- makes me stand by her all the way. She's quite lovely and noble. And Ellen Pompeo captures these qualities poignantly. Wouldn't want to watch the show anymore if this character died. and.
This may be an extremely unpopular thing to wish for (extremely!).. but my, perhaps sophomoric, wish is that Alex and Izzie finally wake up and get back together.


Hey DarkandTwisty
I totally agree with you and everyone else...Addison is quickly becoming a character on the show that am loving to watch. Not only is she becoming (at least in my eyes) a person who truly cares about her patients, but after seeing her eyes when she realized it was Meredith on that table, she cares, she cares about Meredith and about Derek and she wants Meredith to live because she has compassion for Derek in this time. By the way. Denny. Hell yeah. I missed him. And people --- Yes Dylan (the bomb squad guy) IS the guy from Friday Night Lights. Ok Izzie's speach-Totally appropriate. It was amazing and hopeful, you could her the hope in her voice, I don't think I agree with the fact the George made a mistake marrying Callie, but that's Izzie's oppinion and that's fine. As for Derek and Mark, I hope they rekindle their friendship, that would be a great story line to follow. Plus, Derek needs him right now. As for Addison and Alex, I kinda hope they get together because I think Addison can help Alex understand better what being a Doctor is about. she can help him to become more human, just like we've seen her do since her entrance to SGH. And finally---As for Meredith dying. Let's get realistic people. Can she really die. No. Well, yes. But no. I think it would be a terible story line. Derek needs her, he says he's her knight in shining whatever, but you know what, I think she is his Knight in shining whatever. She saved him after Addison and Mark and he needs her, and yes she most definetly need him after Ellis was a complete monster to her, but she can't die, she just cant. And for those of you who think it would be ok if she died. Are you insane. Grow a brain.


The rest of my comment didn't get posted and It had a lot of yummy commentness. xD; ;_; I don't want anyone from GA's to leave. And if I had to pick, it'd be Mer's mom. D= She's just so mean. And the reason as to why Mer is so dark and twisty.


Comments Comments Comments YAY! Izzie's Speech: A little bit of both, actually. Izzie has hard an incredibly hard time as of late, what with her inner turmoil still affecting her on how much she thinks about Denny every day and misses him. However, this thing with George and Callie? It's a nice 'thing', but... It just isn't working anymore. Inspirational in the means that sure, let's bring back the old Izzie the one who is there for you if you need her - inappropriate because of the timing. Poor Georgie is already broken inside. Mark & Der: I have one thing to say. And that yes YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I saw that and I was like: "...That HAS to be Mark. It can't be anyone else BUT Mark! It's... OMFG IT'S MARK IT'S MARK IT'S MARK OMFG!"


Newspaper article states that someone is definately LEAVING GA, soon !! Doesn't mention whom, just states a member is leaving!!!


Some really good observations in these posts. I didn't care for Izzie's speech because I don't care for Izzie. I agreed with her about George and Callie, but also agreed with those people who felt it was the wrong time to talk about it. I guess she is suppose to be the anti-Meredith...the anti-dark and twisty. So, I guess I thought parts were appropriate because she was trying to help them be hopeful. At the same time parts were inappropriate at that moment, even if true. Izzie always seems very self absorbed to me. Even with the Denny story. It was all about her. "What about me?" I don't know if it is the start of healing the wounds between Derek and Mark. I would be hard pressed to ever consider someone my best friend again after he slept with my spouse behind my back, not once in a weak moment but many times over months. Talk about betrayal. It may be a time to get past it and forgive, but I don't think Derek will forget. I also hope that Derek and Burke become closer friends. They have quite a bit in common and really can understand each other. I was happy Burke was concerned for Derek and is trying to do what he can for Meredith. But, you never can have too many friends, so maybe both Burke and Mark will step up. Mark has given indication before that he still wants Derek to be his friend. Derek just has had none of it. So, we'll see. I think it will take more than sitting with him in the hall. I agree about Alex and Addison. It is just a matter of time, but I have no idea how soon. It sounds like Alex is going to become attached to the pregnant lady he rescued. That may get in the way for a time. But, I think by the end of this season they will get together. Maybe season 4 will be the angsty season for them that every couple seems to have. Will Meredith die, I have the same feelings about a short shelf life as McCritic. I don't think there is anyway she is going to die and have it stick. I don't think anyone believes that. The story line might be okay if it really is about depression and feeling that you are disappearing and needing someone or something to give you reason to live. But, even with her issues with her mother, she is supposedly in love with Derek. He has supposedly become her reason to live. So, I don't quite get this. An accident I can understand, but she surfaced in the water not once but at least two or three times before sinking. She could have swam. She could have saved herself. I didn't need the reappearance of Denny and Dylan (who we hardly knew before he evaporated). Since some of my favorite characters have minimal screen time, I kind of resent any time spent with extraneous characters. But, I am interested to see what role they play in sendiing Meredith back to her body to live out her life.


I wasn't big on izzie's speech, i thought it was really random, but i did love seeing all the interns together. it also liked it when she said he made a mistake w/ callie, because thats what i think, but, god, it wasn't really the right time. otherwise, izzie was awesome with the whole rockstar thing. i definetly started out not liking the whole addex thing but, omg, i'm so impatient now and i just want them to get together asap. meredith, obviously, won't die. i laughed out loud when i read Mccritic's opinion, though, because that's exactly how i feel.


everyone's been saying that the friday night lights guy is dylan aka bomb squad guy, but in case you havent seen the episode part two is on abc right now.
also, a lot of people didnt like izzie's speach, but i LOVED it. although not as fun to watch, it was better than her "really innapropriate reactions to this level of stress" with alex on said bomb episode.
last thing, who's elizabeth reaser? i know shes been guesting as pregnant jane doe, but i dont think ive heard of the actress before. was she on greys before? cause she seems to be ind of a big deal

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Grey's Anatomy Season 3 Episode 16 Quotes

IZZIE: "She will come through this."
GEORGE: "You don't know that."
IZZIE: "She will come through this."
GEORGE: "People die."
IZZIE: "I know people die."

[narrating] "Like I said, disappearances happen. Pains go phantom. Blood stops running and people, people fade away. There's more I have to say, so much more, but... I disappeared."