Sorry, Sanjaya: Malakar Disappoints at American Idol Audition

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We like Sanjaya Malakar. We really do.

But this American Idol contestant was probably the biggest bust of all the top men last night. While Blake Lewis impressed the judges, Malakar even left Paula Abdul straining to find a compliment.

At least Sanjaya seems aware of his difficult outing. He reacts below:

Malakar Malaise

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I believe that Sanjaya needs to go. He is not up the quality of the rest of the young people. He's not up to the quality of American Idol.


I love you Sanjaya Malakar!


That picture was really immature and arguably racist. He had one of the best VOCALS of the night, the song was just all wrong. But I do agree that he's got to step it up a little and take this a little more seriously.


Escaped by the merest whisker, but he's got a tough fight to stay in the competition.