The Grey's Anatomy Death Watch: Handicapping the Field

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By now, we've all heard the rumors from E! Online's Kristin Veitch and the ominous, foreboding hints from Shonda Rhimes. While you can only put too much stock in spoilers, we can't escape the weight of this bombshell:

Someone will die before this three-part story arc is over.

Now, it's the opinion of the Insider that Shonda & Co. are yanking our chains a bit. What if someone dies, then is revived five minutes later? Could it be that there's a death at SGH that shocks us, but a primary cast member isn't the one who passes away?

Who the heck knows. That's why it's so fun to watch! If we had to put money on it, we'd bet that the terrific ensemble cast remains intact. But just for fun, we've put together some odds on who we think is most likely to enter the great beyond, if that's indeed what's happening tonight...

Ellis Grey
Ellis Grey - Even
Hey, we've all gotta go sometime.

Izzie Stevens - 3:2
We know Denny comes back, right? And that he's not the only one we see? Could Izzie be reunited with Denny Duquette in the afterlife?

Just a theory. As terrific as Izzie is on the show, she's been lost from day one. Stevens being killed while trying to save the patient trapped under the car would almost be appropriate, and that ferry boat she's on looks like it could explode at any moment.

Richard Webber - 5:2
He had planned to retire anyway, is reeling from Adele leaving him and has lately contemplated his legacy at Seattle Grace. He's also a little older. Dr. Webber passing away would make the race for Chief of Surgery even more intense, and it's a development that certainly isn't that big of a stretch (though we really hope he stays)!

Meredith Grey - 3:1
We really can't see Meredith dying. However, she's the only one missing - and sinking in the ocean - at the beginning of tonight's episode.

Derek Shepherd - 5:1
Okay, there's no way Shonda would take McDreamy from us. Would she? We'd put the odds at 10,000:1, except for Rhimes' ominous warning that the events tonight and next week will be the last thing we'd ever expect.

This would qualify.

Mark Sloan
Mark Sloan - 10:1
He'd be the easiest to get rid of in terms of continuity. Steaminess aside, Mark hasn't brought much to the table since he joined Seattle Grace as a full-time attending.

But he already faked us out with by almost quitting once, and we aren't convinced they'd have him leave the show without him contributing more to it first. Odds are, the best is yet to come from Eric Dane's Dr. Sloan.

Alex Karev - 20:1
He's becoming a bigger, better person, and a more complex character every episode. Besides his budding infatuation with Addison, Alex has really grown as a medical practitioner. The only problem could be if he keeps putting himself in harm's way to rescue people. That pylon was heavy!

Nurse Olivia - 25:1

She'd be easily replaced, that's for sure, and syphilis can be deadly if untreated. But surely there's some life left in this character - and would dispensing of such a minor, recurring bit player result in all this hype? If so, we want our money back.

George O'Malley - 50:1
Yes, we heard the rumor that T.R. Knight wants out. But we don't buy it. The transformation from the bumbling, grieving George to the more confident, married Dr. O'Malley is just beginning. He's been one of the focal points of the third season, and the death of Bambi would cripple everyone else. Meredith puts the Grey in Grey's Anatomy, but George is the glue.

Callie Torres - 75:1
Maybe a month ago it would have worked. But they're not going to kill George's father and his wife in the span of a few weeks.

Preston Burke - 100:1
A lot of people have speculated that Dr. Burke is the frontrunner in this undesirable category following the Isaiah Washington controversy. We highly doubt it. If he were going to be removed, it would have happened already. We also don't know how long ago these episodes were filmed. With a major life event on the horizon, and having already been shot at the end of Season 2, Preston seems an unlikely candidate to go.

Addison Montgomery - 125:1

She's still one of the characters whose life we know the least about outside Seattle Grace, and one of the emerging leaders of the surgical staff. All we know of Addison is her romantic entanglements. Our guess is the writers have a lot more planned for the ex-Shepherd.

The Grey's Anatomy Death Watch: Handicapping the Field
Cristina Yang - 500:1
There's not a single reason we can think of why we would lose Cristina. Every member of the cast is great, but week in and week out, she remains one of the show's most compelling, entertaining characters.

Miranda Bailey - 2,000:1
Strong but all too human, she's the heir apparent to the Chief of Surgery position down the line, and the interns need their Nazi like never before. Besides, Chandra Wilson won the SAG Award!

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WOW.. I am definatly one of the fans that will be totally upset if Meredith is really in fact dead and stays dead.. Grey's is by far my most fav. TV show ever but if Meredith dies I will be forced to stop watching it. The same with Izzie. She has become my new fav. in this 3rd season. (Izzie survived the whole dripping of the gas or whatever. So I think shes safe now.) The only people I can see realisticly dying and the show continuing to go strong after would be.. Ellis Grey (no one likes her) The Chief (His retirement is already happening and it would work out) or Burke (A lot of people would like to see him fired for what happened, though he already survived a traumatic event not too long ago.) To be honest..I will probably cry if they actually ruin my favorite show. BRING MEREDITH BACK!


This is directed to greyhounds, how have you watched next weeks episode already?


I feel it could go 1 of 2 ways.... Opt. 1 - Meredith's mom dies due to her heart surgery being delayed because the Ferry crash...Christina will come in and do what Derek did to Tucker in the bomb episode..punch her in the chest to get her heart going again...when she awakes she will find that her mom has passed away. Also..coming with a message back for Izzie from Denny..about he's proud of her and glad that she's done something good with the money ect...... Then I think Richard (chief) is going to pass away via a heart attack because of the stressful situation in the trauma room (he looked pretty tired in the last episode) with Meredith & her mother passing away (the other love of his life). Opt. 2 - Ellis dies same as above....but I think that Addison offs herself....with her mentioning that no one would miss her and seeing how broken up/upset Derek was about the thought of Meredith dying, her relationship with McSteamy down the tubes..the anniversary of the loss of her baby...inappropriate relationship with Alex...her happily ever after doesn't look too promising... Though...if it's Meredith...I too am boycotting the show.


I think Meridith is going to die. I cried alittle because Christina didn't know and Dr. McDreamy was really trying to save her. I would hate to be in that position when I start my medical career. But I wouldn't stop watching if she lived or died. But I would stop watching if they got rid of Dr. Burke or Christina. I mean without Christina its boring seriously. She is the only reason why I do watch. To catch up on her and her relationship with Dr. Burke. I mean when she lost her baby I cried that really sucked. But What is so freaking awesome that they decided to write in a engagement for them. How awesome.So they can have all the adorable babies they want. Unless they do that she'll never be able to conceive bit. But hey miracles happen.I mean it sucks to lose the main character. But the breakups and the makeups and the problems with mom is getting kinda of old already. Break her leg or something. I mean I get it your mom as alzheimer's and she always on your case. I mean whose mom isn't. But she would be a great bridesmaid. Maybe it is her mother. But killing her would be the greatest twist EVER. Anyway just giving you my 50 cents. Can't wait to watch it online next week.


i think meredith will come back from the 'other world' and be in a coma. this will make everyone depressed and probably someone will die like merediths mom or something


I agree that if Meredith dies I will stop watching the show. I may tune in the week after to see how Derek deals with his grief (lots of McDreamy time...), but that would be it. I think it is too soon after they have found one another, and she is the title character. I also think that it may be the interns that revive her in the end. They are all isolated in the hallway. I see the top surgeons giving up and coming out, and the interns going in to try again. I also see Meredith getting advice from Denny, the bomb squad guy, and yes - her mother once she dies. I also see George and Cristina questioning their commitments while Derek chooses to make one. I could not go to sleep last night, and it has been front and foremost in my mind all day today. It is going to be a ridiculously long wait until next Thursday night.


I have some points to make: 1. I don't think they will kill off Meredith; Cheif never called her time of death. 2. Even if they do kill her off, Ellis Grey is still alive and I still think that someone is going to use her in some clinical trials for alzheimers. 3. I think the other one to die... will be sadly, george. He wants to leave anyway. I think he knocks himself off. 4. The stuff dripping is blood, to show how much the guy was bleeding. 5. That is not the lady Krev nailed, although we know he had a sister right? my thoughts for today....


I don't think they can kill off Meridith. If they do, yes it will be another O.C. fiasco...i quit watching that show... But a bunch of the girls here at school and I discussed it and remember at the beginning of last week's episode when Mer's in the bathtub and she's talking about miracles...miracles that medicine can't even explain. That would tie it to them reviving her! If she dies there is no more love triangle. They can't kill her! So I'm going with Mer's mom...understandably I really don't want anyone to die, but she makes the most sense. If they don't kill her...the plot is thrown off completely! Let's hope Thursday comes fast!


i think meredith will die, but i don't think it'll be permanent. she's my favorite character (she's so similar to me, personality wise) and i would be devastated if they killed her off. we can live without ellis' character. but, killing off the "grey" in "grey's anatomy?" no. what would the title then be? "grey's autopsy?"


Call me crazy, but I don't think the show will bomb if Meredith dies. It may even be better. I doubt it will decrease the number of viewers who watch the show. After all, everyone will tune in to see how the cast reacts to her death. That said, I don't think Meredith will actually die. I'll be fine if she does, though.

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