This Week's Grey's Anatomy Guest Star: Washington State Ferry Boats

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It's ships ahoy for Grey's Anatomy this week.

The show is always set in the Emerald City, but as our Seattle correspondent tells us, relatively few scenes are actually filmed in Seattle. However, in at least the first two segments of the three-part extravaganza that starts this week, Washington State Ferries will be featured prominently.

Patrick Dempsey in
As we talked about a few weeks ago, when we obtained pictures of Patrick Dempsey (right) and the cast filming "Walk on Water," the premise is an accident involving the ferries.

Back in September 2005, the crew boarded the Seattle to Bainbridge Island ferry for a session of filming. Interestingly, Grey's Anatomy co-executive producer, Peter Horton, is originally from Bainbridge.

The dramatic episodes airing this month were filmed in early January (we believe). The episodes themselves weren't filmed on the ferries, but ferry pictures were used as backdrops for the series.

Susan Harris, spokeswoman for the ferries, confirms that the shows involve a vessel colliding with a ferry and the ferry slamming into a dock.

"There's trauma, chaos and blood," Harris said.

Sounds great!

The state was initially reluctant to participate in the show, according to the Seattle Times, because it involves medical drama and officials were worried it may seem real to viewers.

"Knowing the risk involved, Washington State Ferries moved very carefully with the filming of the episode," said Mike Anderson, head of the state ferries. "We were concerned that whatever incident the show portrayed as causing the problem not imply negligence on the part of the ferry system."

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urchin ore illuminate accruing:terraced lips


Ich finde Ihre Homepage sehr gut und fundiert. Die Informationen helfen mir bei einer Diplomarbeit für den Bereich der Medizinischen Dokumentation vielen Dank und weiter so.




growing up on bainbridge it is bizarre to see the coleman docks featured - i've had so many disastrous ferry dreams, so strange to see a real "ferry disaster" - but yes, if it wasn't for the relate -bility, this would be a bad er-rip off....


drake - I agree, but it wouldn't be the same if McDreamy said "I have a thing for ferries." especially in light of the Isaiah Washington brou-ha-ha!


Am I the only one that finds it funny that they're being called 'ferry boats' on the show? In Seattle (and just about anyplace with a ferry system) there just called 'ferries.' Saying 'ferry boat' is like 'yacht boat.' Maybe it's just me...


yup more is always nice! ;) i hope you all are right about there being no friction---ughhhhh one more day!


you are absolutely right purple, and very well put. It IS nice that MerDer are so secure with each other they can help those around them. You know we just get greedy like little kids we want more more more


I agree, purplemerder. I don't think there wil be any further mention of Derek's talk with Meredith's mother or of his impatience with her. Real couples have moments when every thing isn't all lovey dovey. I think they are happy and very much in love. The last episodes, six days, we saw them sleeping together every night and cuddling and kissing and being, well, together. I don't think they will ever be completely apart anymore, but there have to be challenges in order to keep it interesting. I really don't think the Meredith and Derek folks have anything at all to worry about. I do agree though that Derek needs another prominant story line. Maybe his hours were cut back waiting for the twins, but he hasn't had much of a story in recent weeks. I would like to see him examine the friendship with Mark that we keep getting hiints was important to both of them. I would like to see some resolution there. The next three episodes sound exciting. I am wondering what is up with Chief's dyed hair. I am also wondering why Cristina looks like she stays back at the hospital and Burke is not with the group going out to the ferry. It seems to me like we never get much insight into what is going to happen with them in the previews. Two more days. It is going to be hard to beat the bomb episodes last year.


Well lets think postive merder fans....maybe he was mcscreamy to her because he really didn't want her to risk getting hurt by going into the surgery. maybe that was his way of getting her to stay away so he didn't have to worry about know like last season in the bomb episode how burke told cristina that he could do his job with her in there because he would be too worried about her......i would love more merder time toooo but i think that the writers are telling us in little ways how they are solid now and happy. You know how mer told her mom she was i would rather have no big story line than a story line with drama and problems....i just love seeing how being secure and happy with each other is letting them focus on helping others around them...i love that mer is still able to be there for her friends.

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