This Week's Grey's Anatomy Guest Star: Washington State Ferry Boats

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It's ships ahoy for Grey's Anatomy this week.

The show is always set in the Emerald City, but as our Seattle correspondent tells us, relatively few scenes are actually filmed in Seattle. However, in at least the first two segments of the three-part extravaganza that starts this week, Washington State Ferries will be featured prominently.

Patrick Dempsey in
As we talked about a few weeks ago, when we obtained pictures of Patrick Dempsey (right) and the cast filming "Walk on Water," the premise is an accident involving the ferries.

Back in September 2005, the crew boarded the Seattle to Bainbridge Island ferry for a session of filming. Interestingly, Grey's Anatomy co-executive producer, Peter Horton, is originally from Bainbridge.

The dramatic episodes airing this month were filmed in early January (we believe). The episodes themselves weren't filmed on the ferries, but ferry pictures were used as backdrops for the series.

Susan Harris, spokeswoman for the ferries, confirms that the shows involve a vessel colliding with a ferry and the ferry slamming into a dock.

"There's trauma, chaos and blood," Harris said.

Sounds great!

The state was initially reluctant to participate in the show, according to the Seattle Times, because it involves medical drama and officials were worried it may seem real to viewers.

"Knowing the risk involved, Washington State Ferries moved very carefully with the filming of the episode," said Mike Anderson, head of the state ferries. "We were concerned that whatever incident the show portrayed as causing the problem not imply negligence on the part of the ferry system."

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luvthisshow--I am not really worried about MerDer. I think the writers have tried to show us that they are solid now. They have built a real relationship. They will stick through good times and bad now. If they don't stick to that, I don't think I could trust the show anymore to watch it....


I agree Bonnie. I'm very worried about how Der/Mer will be this episode. If he is acting differently towards her because of what Ellis said to him, then all the stuff he said to Mer 2 epis ago will have been really lame ("I'll always show up", etc.). I hope this is not the case.


I hear this is going to be so much more better than the bomb episode. I never thought they could but Shonda and her staff are just amazing. But I think Derek and Meredith have some making up to do. They left it hanging in the last episode and I don't like it.


It sounds like a very exciting episode. I wonder if it will be as intense as the bomb episodes last year. I am really looking forward to the three part series and just hope all of the interns and residents and attendings have prominent roles. I don't know how they juggle so many characters so that all are featured in some way, but they just keep doing it week after week.


Actually they were filming those scenes in January of this year. Like the first week of Janurary. And for the record, this actually happened in Seattle were two ferris supposly crashed into each other. But that was like a year or two ago.


Huh, did they film scenes for this week's episode in 2005?! I thought they did it last year or early this year?

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